532 – Tell Me About Your Balls

It’s show #532! On today’s show, we’re talking about Japanese vs western saws, bit storage, and designing a woodshop layout from scratch.

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What’s On the Bench?

  • Marc modified built-ins in his new house to accommodate a bigger TV.
  • Matt is preparing to put up a new building to replace his storage unit.
  • Shannon cambered a chisel to see how it would cut.


Tom writes in to thank us for letting him know that Rockler has a new store in NJ because otherwise he wouldn’t know anything about it. Go check out the new Moorestown, NJ store!

Emails and Voicemails

  • Brent is trying to decide if Western or Japanese saws are best for his style of work.
  • Cory needs advice on organizing and storing his router and drill bits.
  • Danny is building a new shop and is looking for shop layout and planning help.

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One reply on “532 – Tell Me About Your Balls”

Just watched the video on modifying the built in next to the fireplace and after the glue incident, I thought for sure the title on the video would have been a little different given the recent run on titles for wood talk.

Not sure if they still make it, but I once picked up a blade for my multitool from bosch – it was a carbide tipped version that would cut metal and wood, very useful for those situations when you just want to keep cutting regardless of what is in the way.

Otherwise, fun watching Marc using all of the good tools to knock out that project……make sure to send your back saw to Shannon so he can straighten out that blade after you set the tape measure on it 😉

In jest, always love the content and keep up the good work and enjoy that TV – totally agree with the mod!

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