534 – Where Does Water Come From?

It’s show #534 On today’s show, we’re talking about why you should never write in to criticize this show, workbench or hand tools first, jointing wood, bandsaw brakes, and when to seal logs?!

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It’s a Q&A Show!

  • Scott wants to know when we talk about wood.
  • Anthony doesn’t want us to talk about wood.
  • Justin wants to know if he should get tools first or build a workbench first.
  • Jake wonders how important a bandsaw brake is and if worth the extra expense.
  • Matt applied Anchorseal to a recently felled log but is still getting checks.

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2 replies on “534 – Where Does Water Come From?”

Hi, this is Joe with water in my logs from the “Where Does Water Come From” episode. I can add a sequel to my question but first I want say I was pleased that to hear that you got to make some jokes about my question and even made it on the SHOW TITLE !!!. So a few days after I asked the question I cut the logs on my saw mill and the top section had a large hollow area just a little in from the end and there was lots of rotten, punky wood in there that was sopping wet and draining out of the end. I do realize that the Anchorseal won’t eliminate checking but “hopefully ” minimize it, as for the math I did trim the ends of the log a little and then ended up with 2 logs that were over 8′ long . Feel free to make some more jokes about this and thanks for answering my question so promptly. P.S. I do email with an accent so I get played on the show .

I had a lagh listening to water comimg out of a log. Years ago I had large triple branched silver ,aple that i had to have cut down. I left part of stump exposed and built a flower bed around. I few years later i decided to remove the stump. Itwas about 4 feet in diameter. I dug arund it and deep enough that my neighbors laughed and asked about the foxhole i was in.
I got to the point where the roots werewhich exposed enough that I could use and Ax to chop them up so i could remove the stump. I made some cuts in the first root which was about 9 inches in diameter. As i cut 3/4 of the way through it I was shocled to see water come pouring out of the end of the cut root it was like a faucet was opened, I knew silver Maple really sought water but this tree was cut down a couple of years before and i had drilled holes in it and poured pil in them to kill the roots so they did not continue to reach out to my house foundation. I evntually realized my efforts were futile and had a tree company come in and remove the root. They had a good laugh at my foxhole. But I always remember that spout of water coming out of the root. Dontthink you can fool with Mother Nature she will win.
Enjoy your show and your all of your Youtube channels. By the way your comment to the guy who was looking for help with creative comment was right on, The personality is a big part of the attraction which is why I watch all your channels.

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