540 – High Octave Lumber Sales

It’s show #540 On today’s show, we’re talking about why you’ll go poor trying to sell lumber, Torrefied wood doors, mortising by hand, and good uses for flooring off-cuts.

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What’s On the Dining Table

What’s up with lumber sales and why is it so hard to make any money. Marc didn’t listen to the advice of his cohosts and decided to sell lumber anyway.

Listener Questions

  • Ryan has a bunch of flooring left over and wonders if it can be used for any woodworking projects.
  • Ben wants to try working with thermally modified woods but can only find it in decking sizes.
  • Eli wants to try mortising by hand and needs advice on getting started.

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3 replies on “540 – High Octave Lumber Sales”

I use flooring boards or other off cuts from my building sites for most of my projects.
Solid flooring boards in Europe are usually 19 mm ( 3/4“ ), and give you panels of 1/2“ when you plane them down.
I use them for picture frames and I made a beautiful side table (italian design, found the dimensions in the internet)

I can send you some sample pictures

I was given a bunch of Cherry flooring. I cut the edges off and remove grooves on bottom, usually at the bandsaw, then cut into 1” strips and laminate together to make cutting boards, table shuffleboards, etc.

I have a bunch of Rosewood flooring that I bought for five dollars from a man who was just trying to get rid of all of it. I now have it in my garage and I’m trying to figure out what to use it for after I clean it down to get rid of the grooves underneath I am new to woodworking, especially with hand tools so if you can give me some ideas, I would appreciate it.

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