549 – Shannon’s Shaft Won’t Work in the Hole

It’s show #549 On today’s show, we’re talking about hand plane blades, Domino Connectors vs Ikea, Finish Curing in cold temps, and Wood floor expansion

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is making interior panels for his sideboard project
  • Shannon’s holdfasts won’t grip and mysteriously stopped working overnight.
  • Matt is starting his flooring installation.


  • Rick submits that biscuit joiner use fell off due to the tendency for the biscuits to swell.
  • Jay corrects Shannon about handsaw steel getting softer as it is bent. It is actually hardened and becomes more brittle.

Listener Questions

  • A listener (Marc forgot the name) asks about the Festool Interconnect system for knockdown hardware and how finish dries with relation to local humidity and temperature.
  • Roman inherited a Jack plane and is confused about whether the blade should be bevel up or bevel down.
  • Aaron asks about using glue vs nails when installing hardwood flooring.

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4 replies on “549 – Shannon’s Shaft Won’t Work in the Hole”

I’m tired of three junior high boys yackin around and laughing at themselves so much. So little meaningful content for a hobbyist like me.
I’m done.

Well Greg, the show’s probably been around for longer than your woodworking career so we’re pretty much a known quantity at this point. If you don’t like dumb jokes and childish behavior, why would you ever listen beyond your first episode?! Instead of leaving with your little man-tantrum, just stop listening and go on with life. But if you ever develop a sense of humor and still want woodworking information, feel free to have a listen. We’ll be here. 🙂

Nicely said Marc. Never understand why people leave comments why they aren’t into something. As if you guys are going to change the show to keep Greg listening. (please don’t change).

Your holdfast are suffering from metal fatigue. What you described is the first signs of it occurring. The solution is new hold fasts. You can find online several websites that describe metal fatigue with in-depth information. Rockler should have a metallurgy specialist that could duplicate your hold down for all of us.

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