552 – Embarrassed by all the Shiplap

It’s show #552 On today’s show, we’re talking about trusting other people’s measurements, domino vs dowel joinery, split top or not, and dealing with the poor decisions of previous homeowners.

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Jason has some tips for cleaning your Rockler Silicone bench mat in the most efficient manner.

What’s On the Dining Table

Marc is doing some home renovation and struggling with the previous owner’s millwork choices. We talk about weird trim carpentry solutions we have seen.

Listener Questions

  • Mark asks why the Domino over a dowel joint and we discuss options like the Beadlock joinery system and how they can be just as effective.
  • Chris is faced with building an entertainment center where he may have to trust someone else’s measurements for the built in unit.
  • Jason got his hands on a Maple slab for a workbench top and asks why make a split top vs keeping it as a single slab.

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2 replies on “552 – Embarrassed by all the Shiplap”

I think going to the client’s place to take measurements involves more than just measuring stuff. It’s an opportunity to check the accessibility of the site like how wide is the entrance, what are the corridors like, …

Our last house’s prior owner installed a massive, 3-tiered concrete Mexican water fountain on a front yard patio pad, with an electric aquarium circulating pump. He showed me where to plug in the cord in the garage to turn the pump on.

A few weeks later, I was mowing the front yard, (thankfully with the pump not running), when my rotary lawnmower slammed to a stop. It had jerked some wires out of the lawn. Seems Lyle had powered the pump with 20 feet of interior lamp zip-cord, in 5 foot sections, with the stripped ends twisted together, and buried just inches into the turf. Not even a trace of tape or other insulation. Amazing it never tripped a breaker or killed anyone, but I started looking much closer at what had been done elsewhere. Found several more examples.

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