Board Meetings #1

Recently, I decided to start helping Guild members with their woodworking issues on a true one-on-one basis. Not through email, but using Skype and having an actual conversation. I also decided to record these interactions and post them as an audio show, which I’m calling Board Meetings. This is really a bit of an experiment, and if the response is good we’ll make it a regular thing. Please enjoy!

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Brannon Pierce
What’s the difference between the Thein Separator vs The Dust Right Vortex from Rockler?

Best size blade for resawing with a 3/4HP bandsaw?
WoodSlicer Blades
Timberwolf Blades
BC Saw & Tool
Lennox Blades
Resaw King
Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector

Robert Tarantino
Just finished up his Roubo Bench and shares some of his experience with us.

Dan House
Dan is having some issues with his shellac application and needs a little advice on French Polishing.
French Polish Like a Pro by Vijay Velji

Randy Lewis
Looking for ideas for a tall auxiliary tablesaw fence.
Wooster Woodworker Tablesaw Auxiliary Fence
Wood Magazine Tablesaw Fence Support Tablesaw 10 Best Tablesaw Jigs
Tablesaw Caddy/Auxiliary Fence from the William Ng School.

John Smith
Wants to know if I am teaching classes as William Ng this year.
Should he take the Fundamentals Class at the William Ng School?
He’s building a Maloof Dining Chair from the Charles Brock plan.
Filling a flaw in his dining chair

Shawn Nichols
Building a chest of drawers and looking for assembly advice. Should he glue up one side at a time?

Steven Leonti
Needs advice on how to start designing his own table.
Download SketchUp

23 replies on “Board Meetings #1”

Just got done listening to Board Meetings#1 and love it. I like the personal 1 on 1 type conversation you have with the caller. Keep it up.

Very cool!!! Gave me something to listen to while I did my homework 🙂 Great advice to some good questions. Learned some stuff…which is why I’m here in the first place!!! 🙂 Thanks for always “keepin’ it jumpin'” in here Marc!!!

re: aux/tall ts fences.
Mine came from readers tips in a mag (perhaps). Similar to your three piece of ply, but with variation. Two long plys, working end sort of tall, perhaps 5/6 perpendicular dividers holding them together. Difference is that all pieces are placed on working end of regular fence. Oh, yeah, working ply is double sandwich screwed (no glue) from inside, screws high enough to clear highest blade height. Screwdriver access holes on short piece. So you can replace working face or flip or whatever. Two clamps hold short side to fence, all out of the way of feeding. Clever aspect is a hex bolt and nut. Nut through short section protrudes and stops against fence end. So as you feed stock you are pushing that nut against the primary, locked down, fence.
I’ve also put in a t-track for feather boards or whatever, don’t use it much at all, but a few times it has been handy. Pix if anyone wants,
Enjoyed the trial board session.
Show notes and links are super cool.
As usual for tww

awesome show! really like the format hope it becomes a regular thing I need more things for my mp3 player I dont always have time for videos.


Really enjoyed the Board Meeting. Would it be possible next time to add the time in the meeting where each question starts to your email. e.g High Fence begins 15:45. This way, if there is a topic of particular interest to the listener, they can move right to it without having to guess where in the tape it starts. I am amazed at all you do for The Wood Whisperer and wonder when you have time to eat and sleep? lol


Very cool show. I hope you make this a regular item. Really enjoyed listening to you solving problems 1 on 1.

Hi Marc,
I like the new show. I think it might add some additional interest if you were to interview your guests similar to when you, Matt and Shannon talk about your current projects. You could ask about how they came up, bought or adapted their design, what wood(s) they are using and where did they get them, what tools they are using, what joinery, and what finish and why. I always enjoy this part on Wood Talk and think it would be nice to hear similar subject matter from your listeners. Thank you for continually developing, producing and delivering new content.

re: Tom C’s comment
While I enjoy hearing from others, I’d vote for keeping things short (but engaging of course) so that you are able to take more callers and more of our questions in a given timeframe. I think with most callers in meeting #1 we picked up a bit about their activities and approach.
thanks to all

I really like the board meeeting idea. I get to hear the thought process of figuring out woodworking techniques and situations. Please keep it going. I will be sure to listen.

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