Goooo Sleep Number Bed | Wood Talk 570

It’s show #570 On today’s show, we’re talking about tool knock-offs, resawing thin stock, glue and brads, which epoxy and saving the cherry trees.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon finished up his mother’s urn.
  • Marc is suddenly finishing floors because Matt is a bad influence.
  • Matt is building drawer boxes like a real woodworker.

Listener Questions

  • Charles is in an ethical quandary about manufacturers and intellectual property of machine designs.
  • Eric has questions about epoxy open time and which brand to use.
  • Alex is building guitars and looking for a way to resaw thin material
  • Daniels is concerned about the Cherry trees on the DC mall being cut down.
  • Isaac asks about using brad nails to clamp glued joinery and if they are strong enough.

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Shannon, free yourself of the sameness of the big three bike cos. – and get a bike made for you … My frames come from Pursuit Cycles, Marinoni, Pegoretti, Strong Frames, Naked Cycles and de Kerf. I can guarantee none of those share factory space with the others and you can actually meet the actual maker!

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