WT107 – Tool Chest or Not Tool Chest

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On today’s show, we’re taking a bunch of questions from our new Facebook page. Topics include the Festool Domino, Tool Chests vs Tool Cabinets, Drill Presses, Wood Storage, Urban Harvested Wood, Mallets, and of course we’ll have a couple of cool links from Around the Web.

What’s on the Bench?

Shannon has no power so he built a candle holder to, wait for it, hold candles.
Matt is starting on a set of bedside tables because college furniture is getting old, according to his wife Sam.
Marc has been getting the new shop up and running and is going to install a SHELIX Cutterhead in his jointer. Goodbye knife adjustments. Here’s the link to the disposable blades Marc mentioned: ESTA-USA Self-Set Knives

Around the Web

A Hybrid Woodworker’s Dream Bench? – Submitted by Steve Lyde
Bob Easton’s Treadle Lathe build
100K Garages – Connect with Fabricators!

Poll of the Week

How do you cross-cut? – Vote and check the latest results!


Mike From LA wants to know whether he should build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest or a wall-hanging tool cabinet. While Marc, Matt, and Shannon pretty much agreed that a wall-hanging tool cabinet would be the best bet, they highly recommend you read Chris Schwarz’s book, The Anarchist Tool Chest.


I would love to hear a discussion about Festool’s Domino Systems. I am an advanced woodworker that does woodworking as a hobby that often competes for time with my wife’s ideas of me spending time with the family. The Domino is not something I need, but it would be nice to have and it would certainly speed up projects. My conflict is that I think the Domino is “cheating” and not fine woodworking. It must be the radiuses loose tenons, because I do not see anything wrong with a hollow chisel mortiser. I know Shannon is against this kind of thing, but I would love to hear a discussion between you three on using a Domino for “fine” woodworking and whether or not it cheapens the piece even if only in our minds. Thanks again! – Tom Collins

How much drill press does a woodworker really need? – Shawn Robert McKee

Is it better to store wood vertically or horizontal? Does it really make a difference if the wood is properly supported? – Billy from Billy’s Little Bench

Can you discuss mallets: types, how use, make or buy, ‘sweetspot’ of different types, weights… a very overlooked tool used in all shops. – Shawn Graham

Urban harvested, air dried lumber. Is it worth the hassle and time? – Andy Brownell
Matt recommended UrbanWood.org

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8 replies on “WT107 – Tool Chest or Not Tool Chest”

Just for info

The Hybrid Woodworkers Dreambench as Marc called it .. is from the German Woodworking Magazine “Holzwerken” In the latest Holzwerken is the first part of the plans for the Bench. Its from Guido Henn.

Though I have never attempted to mill and dry my own lumber, my regular lumber supplier is a man who processes and sells urban lumber out of his house as a hobby. He built a solar kiln in his backyard and kiln dries the lumber himself. I believe he uses a guideline developed by the U.S. Forestry Service. The lumber is affordable, offered in widths often not found in the local lumber yard (my coffee tabletop was made from a nearly 20” wide piece of cherry), and I like the idea of saving quality lumber from the firewood pile. In the past, I have purchased ash, white oak, cherry, soft maple, and black walnut from him. I would definitely recommend looking up a local urban lumber dealer/hobbyist.

Really enjoyed the show. Literally laughed out loud at the “I’d rather chop a mortise in my thigh” line…

Very useful discussion–section on loose tenons…solidified my decision to buy a domino; Also, my first blog post ever was in praise of the Anarchist’s tool chest…but I built myself a wall hanging cabinet…one year later, I have no regrets. Still, as you all noted, Schwarz’ book was about so much more than the chest…it’s my second favorite woodworking book (Maloof gets top billing).

Thanks guys–always appreciate the discussion

Shannon: You mentioned that sassafras would be something you might try to air dry. The hardwood dealer I’ve been using stocks sassafras. A friend of mine bought some and it looks a like a oak, and it smelt fantastic when working with it. I haven’t seen any of it with a finish on it.

If you guys have a chainsaw you may want to check out an Alaskan Mill by Granberg. I bought one in the beginning of this year and I have made some amazing lumber. I milled some 2″ x 16″ x 120″ oak and cherry boards and a 6″ x 6″ x 60″ beam which will be a mantle once it dries in about 20 years 🙂 . I am just starting in wood working but my goal is to build a dining room table with the lumber as it was from our old house that we lived in for 12 years.

Love the show guys. Keep it up.

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