WT108 – Matt Vs Matt

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On today’s show, special guest Scott Meek is here to tell us about his vendor experience at Woodworking in America. We’ll also discuss cold weather woodworking and we have a very special event for you: the Matt2007 vs Matt2012 SawStop debate. That’s right folks, Matt is going to go back in time and debate himself on the merits of the SawStop tablesaw.

What’s on the Bench?

Matt is enjoying his time working with his hand planes, except for that excruciating pain in his foot. Marc recommended Jeff Miller’s new book Foundations of Good Woodworking. Shannon is using his new spring pole lathe to turn Christmas gifts! And Marc just spent $1500 on bubinga! He’s also running a bunch of auctions to benefit Livestrong and Woodworkers Fighting Cancer! Scott is fresh off his trip to Woodworking in America and is still recuperating. His love for making hand planes started after reading Making and Mastering Wood Planes by David Finck.

The Matt2007 vs Matt2012 Debate

This debate was inspired by a question from Aaron Poindexter who wrote, “How did Matt get coned in to allowing the Sawstop Into his basement? Because all he needs is” Fingers and thumbs don’t be dumb” lol…” Aaron was just having fun, but we thought we should give Matt an opportunity to explain why he now owns a SawStop and how his opinions have changed over the years.


Skee wrote in and asked for our thoughts on cold weather woodworking. Scott and Shannon recommend using hand tools to bring up your body temperature. Matt did a few glue tests and describes his results.

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3 replies on “WT108 – Matt Vs Matt”

I heard the show live this week (it’s 11PM for me). I liked hearing Scott talking about his wood planes. I went over to his site and they truly are awe inspiring works of art that are also fantastic tools.
And profanities … I never heard anything 😉

Thanks for another great show guys.

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