WT114 – The Self-Indulgent Build

On today’s show, we’re looking at the year ahead! We discuss our goals and aspirations for 2013. Shannon hopes to do more self-indulgent builds. Matt wants to build more things for his own home, including a bed for his son. He also wants to delve into some outdoor projects. Marc is hoping to hire a full-time employee. YIKES!


Cliff wants to know what we do when family comes over and wants something that we made.

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My wife is at her sewing station in our computer/hobby room while I’m listening to WoodTalk. I hear this knowing giggle coming from her as the desire to be self-indulgent in our woodworking is being expressed on your OnlineRadio. How often has she heard me say, “I just want to build what I want to build”. As opposed to producing what I have to build.

I’m sure “The Self-Indulgent Build” resonates with many of your listeners.


Hey Guys!
Great show. The three of you really keep me company in my rural Upstate NY shop.
We have a lot of wood around but not to many people. Last count was population 1300 for 30 square miles in my little town.
Just wanted to drop a note to Shannon. He stated that he wanted to build a sculpted chair.
As a person who started out doing Windsors and then progressed from there to having built a number of the “late and Forever Great Sam Maloof ” chairs. I encourage Shannon not to take the kit or plans route. Get some poster board and some drafting tools and make your own patterns and templates. This is how I accomplished my reproductions of these great chairs. I feel this might be more in line with what Sam was trying to accomplish in his work. I was fortunate enough to actually spend an evening with Sam after one of the classes that he used to put on at his own shop. I showed him a photo of one of his dining chairs that I had done in cherry He seemed to, I think enjoyed it.
So with that said. Shannon draw it yourself and then build it yourself and you will find the end result will be much more gratifying.
Just some words from a humble craftsman.

I hope you guys keep enjoying doing the show and keep it going for a long time!


I’ve been watching your podcasts for years. Your love of woodworking is what got me started working in the shop. Lately I have been so busy that I barely have time to watch for your most recent projects.

I have enjoyed making your end grain cutting boards as gifts for many of my friends and family. In your podcast (#7) you talk about using any type of tight grained wood. I have been wanting to try other types of wood to create different patterns and colors. Beyond maple and purple heart what other species fall into this category? Is walnut, cherry or oak a good choice? What about ash or zebrawood? Alder is popular here on the west coast but it would be way too soft. Thanks for all you do!

Replace “wood” with “yarn”, and I’ve heard this conversation countless times on knitting podcasts.

Love you guys!

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