WT117 – Here Kitty Kitty!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws.

Whats on the Bench?

Shannon is starting a new drop-leaf table project and just finished up his creepy church project. Matt is finally using his lathe and made something round that was previously square! Marc recommends he try Easy Wood Tools. Marc is spending time with a wig, lingerie, and some lipstick. He also finished the platform bed and plans on delivering it this Friday.

Around the Web

Ron Swanson and his wooden hair and beard! Thanks for the link Jim.


Pole of the Week

Is Woodworking Your Only Hobby?


Jonathan wants to know what we do to get dust off our projects before finishing.

Wilbur called in to give Alex from Episode #115 some advice on buying used bandsaws.


Philip wrote in to tell us about a cool jig to help with sharpening jointer knives.

Kenny wants to know how we determine what type of joinery to use when designing a piece of furniture.

Matt recommends Classic Joints with Power Tools by Yeung Chan. Marc recommends Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery by Gary Rogowski. Shannon recommends American Period Furniture by Jeffrey Greene.

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16 replies on “WT117 – Here Kitty Kitty!”

Guys…I have yet to listen to the whole podcast. I had to stop. I don’t want to look like a curmudgeon or old fashioned, but I had to stop listening because my 5 year old daughter commented on the profanity in the opener. She watches Matt and Marc ‘s videos and listens to these shows on a regular basis and I’m asking if the profanity can be moderated. The three of you are experts who you know I have listened to for a long time and I have to say that the swearing doesn’t add anything to the show. I realize some people will remind me it’s my prerogative to listen or not, but I’m hoping to continue listening to a family friendly show with my daughter. Thanks for your consideration guys.

I guess I just don’t consider hell THAT bad of a word. I’m pretty sure all three of us have used the word in conversation on the show many times in the past. My personal rule has always been that if it can be said on prime time television, it qualifies as clean enough for the show. Bottom line is we are three adult men discussing woodworking. While we have no desire to be controversial or acquire an explicit tag, our coversation is fairly natural and unmoderated. I don’t want to say that we are an “adult” show but I’m not really sure we ever considered ourself a “family show.”

Now I realize this is over the new intro and that’s why it’s getting more attention. But I think this is a good topic to bring up. There are just certain words like damn and hell that will be very difficult to moderate out of our conversations.

As far as I know that’s the only “swear word” in the episode. I usually have to listen myself so I know what I have to defend myself for saying later on, CHORTLE!

The good news is, this is only one of a few new openers we’ll be rolling out, so there’s a chance we’ll find one that is less blush-worthy.

Sorry for the cringing moment!

Thanks for the time and thoughts guys. Again I think if she hadn’t brought it up I might not have noticed. The part I forgot last night in my post is she mentioned something one other time quite a while back and it seemed to moderate a bit after that. Now having said that I’ll let it rest. All total I love the show. This is the only woodworking podcast that keeps me awake, laughing and learning. Thanks for doing it and doing it well.

Gents, good show as always. I, too, was at the Atlanta show last August and bought the jointer/planer knive jig from Dan Duelin. I used it for my Grizzly 8″ blades and within minutes, they were reconditioned. Now my only problem is getting the jointer back into shape. 🙂 Using one of those magnetic jigs (what’s the XHTML code for a link?) that’s supposed to keep the blade tips co-planar with the outfeed table, I now have snipe. Ugh! But it’s a great jig and a great idea. Philip just beat me to it.

Hey guys,

Please stop swearing. I want to shield kids from the realities of the world.

Just kidding, i think it’s unfortunate you have filter like you do. In the shop and among a lot of guys I know we talk like truckers.

Real question though; Where do you send your planer/jointer blades to be sharpened? If you guys are happy with how someone sharpens when you send them out, thats enough confirmation for me that the place is worth sending them to.

Thanks for the show dudes, it’s “Wicked Pissah!”


I have found cats very useful for testing my work I dry fit a table let my two 20lb cats play on it if it doesnt fall apart then my joint are good

A great show as always. I’m so enjoying the weekly format. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming video of the bed, and perhaps also a little bit afraid. I wonder whether we’ll see the pink feather boa make an appearance. 🙂

Thanks, guys for a great show!

I must put in a word on cat issues. I think you would find a drastic improvement by doing two things: (1) Invest in feeding a high quality cat food. What you get at the grocery store does not qualify. (2) Take two minutes a day and clean the litter box. Cats are very picky and they don’t like a dirty box anymore than you do.

Another brilliant show, always such great fun, and informative. Five stars every time!!

Please don’t change a single word!! 🙂

(Wasn’t even aware that Hell was considered a swear word!)

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