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On today’s show, we’re talking about cherry for a desktop, the ruler trick, stationary sander options, cabinet scrapers vs scraper planes, finishing suggestions for cherry, getting a grippy finish on a fish net, is a ClearVue Cyclone a good idea in a small shop, and special guest J. Leeko is here to tell us more about his Kickstarter campaign that we so elegantly took a crap on last week.

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– Paul wants to know if we think cherry is durable enough for a desk top.
– Jim wants our opinion on David Charlesworth’s “ruler trick.”
– Nate wants our thoughts on vertical/horizontal belt sanders vs disc sanders as well as scraper planes vs cabinet scrapers.
– Greg is looking for the perfect finish for his Weekend Wall Shelf. Shannon recommended Masterpiece Wood Finish.
– Jeff is looking to make his finish a little more grippy, because he’s working on a fishing net.
– Michael has a fairly small shop and wants to know if a ClearVue Cyclone is the right choice.

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9 replies on “WT119 – What Glen Huey Always Says”

As far as edge sanders goes, since you guys don’t have much experience there. I have a Grizzly G1531 which is the cheapest edge sander you can get. It’s really, really useful. Let’s face it, we all want sanders that are going to somehow make sanding easy and fast and most of them end up being marginally useful. I would put the edge sander right up there with a good ROS though. It’s just a really useful tool to have, especially if you have to do any repetitive work. Once you have it, all sorts of things that before you might have done with a hand held sander get done with it instead. The biggest downside is that good quality 6×80 belts aren’t cheap, and the cheap belts (like you’d get from grizzly) are to be avoided. If you want to get to a nice, almost ready for finishing, surface you don’t get too much life out of the fine grit belts. So for production work, where time is money and loss of sanity, they are a godsend. For doing really aggressive shaping of convex surfaces it’s really great too. You can stay way away from the line on the band saw, and maybe avoid having to change out that 1/2″ blade you had on there already and just buzz away to the line with 80 grit in seconds. It doesn’t replace a spindle sander though since the end spindle is pretty large. Frankly in a hobbyist shop it’s probably not worth the floor space, but it’s certainly nice to have.

I use a 1″ vertical belt sander for odd things, mostly making toys for my nephew and nieces. I don’t think I’ve ever used it on anything furniture related.

Last note, you can get a 10″ disc sander plate with a 5/8″ hole to go in your table saw. It’s not nearly as useful as a dedicated one since you just can’t raise the blade high enough to take full advantage of it. But cheap and takes up no space in the shop.

Grippy finish for a fishing net? How about a high gloss finish with a final coat of surf board wax. Works great for paddles as well.

Marc, can you guys add target=”_blank” to the links in this article? I clicked on the Festool link and it of course took me off of this page, stopping the audio.

Do you have a link for the 3 part finish that Shannon was talking about during the weekend wall shelf discussion?

In response to the ‘grippyness’ additive to finishing. I recently did something similar to this for some hardwood stairs that I wanted to have more grip on I used a ‘traction additive’ in the finish. I mixed floor additive, which was essentially really fine sand, to some clear poly, and brushed on the first coat with the sand. Then added more coats in typical fashion. Worked out great! Looks normal from straight on, and just a little bumpy with a raking light.

Thanks for the great show

A recurring donation programme to support your talk radio show….is it a monthly donation kind of thing?

enjoyed the first show….

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