WT121 – Get A Handle On It!

On today’s show, we’re talking about saw handle angles, traveling for wood, using a Stanley #6 as a jointer plane, the Hock Block Plane Kit, and an HVLP-applied finish for a crib.

Around the Web

Make a spiral wooden leg!
Check out this massive 3000 lb 35″ bandsaw!
A great tutorial on how to use the Follow Me tool in SketchUp
Amazing animal wood sculptures!
Hendrik Varju’s new Passion for Food program

Poll of the Week

How far have you traveled for wood?


Bob in San Diego wants to know if there are handles available at different angles for Western style saws.


Brian wants to know if a #6 bench plane can be used as a jointer plane.

So and So wants to know if the Hock Block Plane Kit is a good plane for a new woodworker.

Michael wants to know what kind of finish we recommend for finishing a mahogany crib via HVLP.

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8 replies on “WT121 – Get A Handle On It!”

Pi day seems like as good of a day as any to have your book due, but I do wonder what is the gosh darn hurry? Don’t they know that woodworkers move in tune with the natural rhythms of the world and their arbitrary due dates are meaningless to us?

In all seriousness, I can understand with certain topics like IT where the information has a limited window of being relevant but that’s not nearly as true with woodworking. It’s not like in six months people are going to be going, ha! a band saw! Do they even make those anymore? You’d think they’d just want to produce the book the way we’d go about building a piece of furniture. If it takes an extra day or week to get it right then that’s what we do.

I was approached one time by the set decorator for a movie who wanted me to make something. And oh, can you send it overnight, today? Look at the clock, it’s 4 pm. On a Saturday. Ummm, no. Didn’t sleep that weekend and got it shipped to them on Monday. Then they tell me, oh, can you make another one that’s identical just in case something happens to it? And overnight that one too of course. So I didn’t get much sleep for a few days, and they spent more on overnight shipping than they did on the actual boxes I made for them. Didn’t even end up using them! My point being the people in those industries live in their own little realities and they are just used to being able to snap their fingers and have the impossible happen. So you feel like you have to do the impossible for them too. You don’t want to be that one guy in their world who is actually tied down to physical reality.

I used cutting board wax/oil from the box store..

but then he may not get the color he wants, and wiping every few months is not too bad since they will not be in the crib for too long..

I am about to start a crib for my first and probably only child and plan to make it convertible to a single bed. I hope my child and I can get 10 years out of this piece before he or she asks for a new one from Ikea, lol
Thanks for the show

A related note to the band saw from the around the web, the owner of the saw, Frank Howarth has many other awesome videos posted on his channel. I encourage you to check them out. Great production value, the stop motion is awesome.

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