WT125 – Matt Yelled At Me!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about getting back into woodworking, drying lumber, and shipping finished projects.

What’s on the Bench

Shannon’s wrapping up stuff and planning new projects. Matt’s installing a new zero clearance throat plate for the whole world to see. Marc finally took ownership of WoodWhisperer.com.

Around the Web

The Woodwright Shop – Screw Cuttin’ Lathe
Amazing wooden watches!
– Check out Festool’s “Festool Connect” even live!

Poll of the Week

Do You Pre-Finish?


– Ray is getting back into woodworking and has some apprehension.
– No Name Mcgillacutty has some Schwarzian advice concerning purchasing pine.
– Ernesto, Med Tech Woodworker wants to know the best way to dry lumber cut from a tree in his front yard. Matt recommended this video from Fine Woodworking.
– Mr. Green is balking at the price he’s been quoted for shipping a trestle table to his mother-in-law.


shuffleboardCheck out Sandhill Bill’s shuffleboard table!

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3 replies on “WT125 – Matt Yelled At Me!”

Pine: I thought the guy wanting to know how to dry pine, is in El Paso. A solar kiln will work well this time of year. El Paso is FAR WEST Texas (like half way across New Mexico … I lived there for 5 years) half way between Houston and Los Angeles.

To get the wood to dry ‘slower’ on the ends, make sure to paint the ends of the wood, so it won’t split! And do use a moisture meter!

Shannon, In plywood plants, they rotary cut the veneer. The center of the log is left large enough to cut a 2 x 4 out of them. They are bundled up and transported to another area for milling. This is why you see the circular rings of the center of the tree in 2 x 4 ‘s.


Shannon talked about carving tools stored in a canvas roll. I recently opened my canvas roll after a year plus of “storage” and the rust is beyond repair. Not an expensive set (woodcraft I believe) but a better – open storage container would have eliminated the problem with moisture.

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