WT130 – Gone to the Dogs

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On today’s show, we’re talking about Nordfab ductwork, European style saws, availability of quartersawn wood, round vs square dog holes, thin kerf blades, smoothing expensive wood, cutting up burl, and graduating from shop projects to real furniture projects.

What’s on the Bench?

Shannon’s tool cabinet is swollen. Matt is strolling down memory lane with his old videos. Marc is enjoying his footage of the Thorsen House and getting ready to make a table from a baseball bat.

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– Nick has a solution for the issue of wasting epoxy, discussed in Episode 129.
– Don did a little testing on his Buck Brothers chisels.


– Mike from LA wants our thoughts on Nordfab ductwork and comparable options.


– Tom is considering the pros and cons of European saws.
– Dan is trying to decide between square and round dog holes for his workbench.
– Mike is having trouble finding quarter sawn wood.
– Richard wants to know if thin kerf blades offer any real advantage.
– Tom has a piece of curly Koa and wants advice for getting the most out of it.
– Don has a large maple burl and wants to know how he should cut it up.
– Clinton is having trouble moving from shop projects to real furniture builds.

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10 replies on “WT130 – Gone to the Dogs”

I’m with Clinton I have been building my shop for the better part of a year. I did manage to build a router table, CHEVALET, Roubo inspired workbench but most of the time went into the shop build. But now onward, onward. First new project will be a Kitchen work station.

For Tom on the Euro machines,
I had a similar delima a couple of years ago and I wound up going with the MiniMax slider and I love it. It takes standard 5/8″ arbor blades and up to 12″ and takes dado sets. Mine hase a scoring feature witch is awesome if you cut any sheet goods.
My main reason for buying it is becouse of the slider and it even came with an extra miter table and some sliding stops.
FYI: I found out in my research that the Hammer line is a more afordable/economy version of the Felder line.

The west Systems web site has a section on dispensing and mixing and gives info on mixing the resin and different hardeners by both weight and volume when not using their dispensing equipment.

I had epoxy left over from a kayak project and would not want to be without it. I use MAS epoxy. The pumps mix two parts resin to one part hardner. I am rebuilding a wooden sailboat and just use small batches of one tablespoon resin to 1/2 tablespoon of hardner. I use plastic measuring spoons and clean them white vinegar.

Be warned when switching between different kerf sized blades(is that English?) it could mess up some of the table saw jigs you have made. In particular box joint jigs and a 45 degree miter sled do not do well with different kerf sizes.

On a tangent about bench dogs. The current edition of Wooden Boat Magazine has a detailed article on how to make bench dog from a C clamp.

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