WT133 – Pork Roll on the Bandsaw

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On today’s show, we’re talking about Marples blades, Sweetheart vs Bailey, storing hand planes, high end sanders, protecting your assembly table, and pressure treated wood.

What’s on the Bench?

Matt gives us a rundown on his experience at Weekend with WOOD!


– Join us for a live recording at the Keystone Bar & Grill in Covington, KY on Saturday October 19th, 2013.
SketchUp 2013 just released!
The Village Carpenter retires her blog. 🙁

Around the Web

Another cool stop-motion video by Frank Howarth featuring his big jointer.
Using baking soda and a sand blaster to remove finish.
– In case you haven’t seen it a million times already, here’s that video of the expanding table.

Poll of the Week

Do you dedicate for a particular task?


– Brian has some thoughts on finishing the insides and bottoms of our projects.


Mike from LA wants to know how to sharpen a Benchcrafted Skraper.


– Greg is making an end grain cutting board and wants to know if his Marples blade will be adequate.
– Glen is wondering what the difference is between Stanley Sweetheart and Stanley Bailey planes.
– Todd wants to know the correct way to store a hand plane.
– Jens is trying to decide between three high-end sanders.
– Jim wants to know if it’s advisable to put protective paper on an assembly table the way David Marks did in Woodworks.
– Tobias is looking for advice on pressure-treated wood and finish options for an outdoor play center.

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8 replies on “WT133 – Pork Roll on the Bandsaw”

Glad to hear someone else will import pork roll from the northeast – one of the worst parts about moving from that region, along with the loss of scrapple.

Just a thought on paper on the bench when gluing….

I don’t do it to protect the bench, I do it to protect future work.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had a stray dried glue drop scratch or dent work. Now matter how hard I look, it always seemed like I’d miss one. That ONE stray drip always seems to be found by a very visible part.

Hey guys, I’m planning to attend at least the Saturday event for the Woodworking in America show this year. I’m only 56 miles from the Keystone Bar and Grill. I will see you there. Can’t wait to see the gang. Enjoy your show..

Also wanted to mention, I don’t worry much about protecting my bench area. I had thought one time thought about mounting a window shade on one end and drag over the bench top and retract when not needed. Normally I believe the window shade material is a slick finish that might help wipe off anything I might need to wipe off.

This is in reference to Tobias, I found a product out of Florida, it is a fluoropolymer at http://shieldproducts.com/. This product is pretty amazing. I have an Ipe floor on my back porch and I recently use it to finish it. It came out beautiful, only time will tell if it last like they claim. I rolled the dice and spent the money on it, not cheap! You might add it to around the web section. Check it out.

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