WT137 – Rabbeting Block Plane For The Win!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about choosing between the router plane and rabbeting block plane, areas of woodworking where it is OK skimp, burnishing scraper planes.

What’s on the Bench

Matt tried to help a friend with their cheap maple table and it just didn’t work out. Shannon is having more issues with his DeWalt planer. Marc is having design brain freeze.


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Around the Web

Using smart phones to monitor for the sounds of illegal logging in the rain forests.
Treatise on saw tooth geometry and “hybrid filing.”
Mario Rodriguez carves a chair seat on the table saw.


– A Jeremy Hopkins has some feedback on Episode 136. He thinks that Shannon is a jerk (my words, not his) for suggesting folks use plywood to make full-scale drawings. He also has thoughts on what to do with extra sawdust, including selling it to urban chicken farmers, making stove pellets, and selling it to local boy scout troops for firestarter supplies.
– Stu sent us a voice kickback and a discussion we had back in Episode 65 about the quality of Marples chisels.


– Roberto has a question about vacuum sealing finishes.
– Kyle wants to know when to use the variable speed function of his trim router as well as the differences between cabinet scrapers and scraper planes.


– Chris has $200 to spend and wants to know if he should get a rabbeting block plane or a router plane.
– Miles wants to know where we feel it’s ok to skimp and save money.

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6 replies on “WT137 – Rabbeting Block Plane For The Win!”

Thanks for the video on making the chair seat on the table saw. I read the article in PW but was having a hard time visualizing exactly going on. That made it more clear, although I think I will only truly understand it once I have tried it. I’ll put that on the ever-expanding list of things to try.

Marc, why don’t you just publish a whisper mini on the technique to make the spiral post and not force the post into some piece of furniture it was never designed for?

The tablesaw technique for creating the chair seat is interesting.

Mario talked about doing the work with hand tools as being tedious. To me, this method would be just as tedious but with the added noise and dust.

Thanks for the reply to my voice mail! After being ignored by Shop Talk Live, it’s great to get some info. I think I’ll try picking up an old Stanley cabinet scraper.

I had the exact same issue with my DeWalt planer. I took it all apart and cleaned it out. And it worked fine. I just have a broken handle now. But I swore not to put any money into the planer to motivate me to buy a floor model.

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