WT140 – Patrick Swayze’s Ghost Clock

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On today’s show, we’re talking about books that inspire us, wood movement in workbenches, cutting dovetails on long boards, and 4/4 vs 8/4 pricing.

What’s on the Bench

Marc paid a visit to Porter Barn Wood and picked up a nice little stash. Matt picked up some big timber for his new Vanderbo workbench! Shannon is playing with his shave-pony.

Around the Web

– What inspires Chris Wong.

– TED talk by Michael Green who wants to build 30 story tall wooden skyscrapers.


– Stan has some feedback on our Maloof ethics discussion from Episode 113.
– Mark has been catching up with past episodes of Wood Talk and has some observations to make.
– Tom Buhl clarifies a book recommendation made by Shannon in Episode 138.
– Pete has a funny story about making your own fire starters using sawdust discussed in Episode 136.
– Jonathon recommends Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Installing Hardware by Robert Settich.


– Dude from Michigan has a question about laminating boards.


– An email from a few weeks ago asked us about our favorite books, and this week we focus on our favorite inspirational books.
Marc: In the Greene & Greene Style, G&G Design Elements for the Workshop, G&G Furniture:Poems of Wood & Light, Fine Woodworking’s Design Book
Soul of a Tree, Furniture of Renwick Gallery, Furniture of Queene Anne and Chippendale Period.

Matt – Woodworking Wit & Wisdom
– Barron has a question about workbench top movement.
– Jonathan has a question about cutting dovetails on long boards.
– Rick asks for some clarification on 4/4 and 8/4 lumber pricing.

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The video from Chris Wong presented a very interesting way to observe the world, looking for inspiration. Thanks for posting it.

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