WT141 – Quality Control is Boring!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about preparing your tools for a move, using dangerous chemicals for finishing, carving gouge bevels, the ruler trick on bevel up planes, factory certifications, and cutting teeny tiny mortises.

What’s on the Bench

Marc had to stop working on the western red cedar table to being his Greene & Greene Blanket Chest project. He’s pleased with the thickness of the 4/4 stock. Matt is not happy with his old grinder. Shannon is enjoying creating decorative firewood with his new lathe.

What’s New?

– Festool Carvex Jigsaw hits the market on Sept. 1st 2013. Cordless, exchangeable bases, brushless motors

AWFS Fair starts TODAY until July 27th in Las Vegas.
Fine Woodworking Live is coming up on August 8th-11th in New Haven Connecticut.
Modern Woodworking Association trying to kick butt in the build-off.
– Centipede Tool announces they reached enough funding to guarantee initial orders of their new sawhorses will go into production.
Mary May makes her beginning carving videos FREE!
Rethink your definition of a workbench!

– Doucette and Wolfe Chippendale Chest of Drawers:

For the over-thinkers.
John Economaki’s “Fog of War” Board How To post

Poll of the Week

What do you consider to be the heart of the shop?


– Ben sent us a link to a video that shows how someone dealt with a dust extractor that was too powerful, as discussed in Episode 138.

– Mike brings our attention to Raymond Overholzer, a furniture-maker who’s work pre-dates even Wharton Esherick. This pertains to a discussion that began in Episode 113 and continued in Episode 140. He also recommends Matt take a trip to the Shrine of the Pines.


– Wes is looking for advice on prepping his tools for a move.
– Todd wants our opinions on using dangerous chemicals as part of his finish process.
– Ed is trying to determine which side of a carving gouge is the proper side to bevel.
– Pug wants to know if he can use the “ruler trick” on a bevel up plane.
– Dustin wants to know our thoughts on factory certifications and how they pertain to tool quality.
– Damon is looking for advice on how to make small mortises.

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Hey Guys,
Interesting that you are sponsoring “Audiobooks” I have been a member of them for years. My favorite books I normally listen to are nostalgia audios like The “The Shadow” and others, but I think I would be interested to buy a few books related to woodworking. I would like to see making part of your show as to where you guys would recommend a book. Maybe work this in to your “Review Show”?
Thanks for doing the show.

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