WT143 – Belly Jelly

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On today’s show, we’re talking about milk paint, skill-building projects for hand tool woodworkers, and an interview with Matt Kenney from Fine Woodworking Magazine.


What’s on the Bench

Marc is sick. Matt’s hands are tired from all that sanding. Shannon is gearing up his vacation shop.

What’s New?

– Looking for blacksmiths? Abana.org
Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Garage?
– Don’t miss Fine Woodworking Live this weekend!


– In response to our rust discussion about rust prevention in Episode 142, Jack suggests we look at Naval Jelly.

– In response to the guy finishing the live edge board in Episode 142, Earl suggests he try spray can lacquer and poly as an alternative.


– Nick has a question about milk paint and wood sealing.
– Ryan wants to know what projects serve as skill-builders for hand tool woodworkers.

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3 replies on “WT143 – Belly Jelly”

just had time to listed to #142 and #143 -I just used a product called evaporust – found it in Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg TN – now I see that Harbor freight or Northern tool and equipment sells it too. – I had a plane I was refurbishing and (with nothing to lose) I dropped the cap in – VIOLA! I pulled it out – NO rust!
Now, with that said – this cap was scaly rust so I left it in 24 hours and it came out a great looking grey – washed it off and dried it completely – I noticed it had kind of a funny color but 24 hours later it seemed to settle down and looks really good!
I would believe some people may not be happy with the results – but I suggest to try it on something you don’t care about before using on something you do!

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