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On today’s show, we’re talking about finish storage and disposal, hand saws for re-sawing, and the properties of Danish Oil.


What’s on the Bench

Marc is trying to decide how to order events in his current blanket chest build and he’s heading to Nashville for a Powermatic event. Matt’s finishing up his wife’s wedding boxes and made a fire pit for the back yard.
**Note** I made some comments about Powermatic being at AWFS. I didn’t realize at the time that they actually didn’t attend AWFS this year.

What’s New

– Frank Howarth’s stop-motion videos are blowing up!!

Poll of the Week

What’s the most you’ve spent on a single tool?


– William recommends the use of a toilet bowl cleaner called target=”_blank”>The Works to remove rust.
– Lamar sent us a link to a book that inspires him, though it isn’t specifically about woodworking: Built to Last.


– John is looking for advice on resawing with a hand saw. Bob from Logan Cabinet Shoppe helped us out with a details answer.
– Adam wants to know if he needs a “flammables” cabinet to store his finishes.
– Ben is wondering about cleanup and storage of oil-based finishes.
– Pat has a question about the drying time of Danish Oil.

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6 replies on “WT144 – The Happiness Show”

I haven’t used the works but awhile back I picked up a vintage Stanley #5 on ebay that was quite rusty. I disassembled it and soaked it for 30 minutes in CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover). A little scrubbing and a bood coat of oil made this fine tool as good as new.

I was recently in Home Depot, and at the paint counter they had some little packets designed to turn latex and oil paints solid in the can, it may or may not work for finishes. I think its called Krud Kutter paint hardener. I’ve never used it, but there is an accessible product out there.

Marc I wanted to see how the noise cancelling ear buds are working out and if you like them waht model # are they. Thanks for all the great information and for doing these weekly.

I only used them once and they were ok. The guy who sent them to me said that they are really meant for certain types of noise and that the constant even level noise of a cyclone might not be what it was intended for. So I’m experimenting more to see what situations it works best in. The good thing is it comes with these memory foam style bud covers that really block up your ear holes. So it has a basic level of protection right there.

I was just listening to this episode again and wanted to point out that the common assumption is that a flammables cabinet is supposed to contain a fire in case its contents spontaneously burst in to flames. However, this is incorrect. A flammables cabinet is intended to insulate its contents from an external heat source to delay the flammables bursting into flames.

A metal cabinet that’s actually rated for flammables is lined with insulation. An uninsulated metal cabinet will conduct heat very well and may not buy you much, if any, time. On the other hand, a wood cabinet will insulate its contents and buy you some time while the outside of the cabinet burns.

Ha, I just listened to the next episode again, in which a few other Wood Talk listeners provided a lot more detail on flammables cabinets. All woodworkers should be sure to listen to it!

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