WT145 – It’s Flamminable!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about knowing when a design is right, replacement parts for hand planes, cambering blades, and using Waterlox finish.


What’s on the Bench

Marc finished up the assembly of his blanket chest case and is pondering hidden drawer options. Matt is making some sweet iPhone cases. Shannon is finishing up some carved signs.

What’s New

Open source furniture with OpenDesk.
– Making a spatula!


– Josh, Brian and Lamar all sent in kickback about our flammables cabinet discussion last week.

– Lamar included a link to an American Woodworking article on Making a Flammables Cabinet.


– Dustin wants our thoughts on knowing when a design is just right.
– Robert is looking for parts for his newly acquired hand planes.
– Chris wants advice on cambering his plane blades.
– Matt wants to know what we think of Waterlox as a finish for interior millwork.

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One reply on “WT145 – It’s Flamminable!”

Thank you guys for help with my question. It really helped. I think Marc’s idea of stepping away and taking a long look at your project is a good one as I’ve heard that from lots of high end car builders, too. Thanks again!

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