WT147 – A Tenon is a Tenon

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On today’s show, we’re talking about machine-cut dovetail angles, spokeshaves vs rasps, popping the grain with dye, tips for flawless drawers, integral vs loose tenons, and workbench thickness for holdfasts.


What’s on the Bench

Marc didn’t get much woodworking done this week. Shannon put his money where his mouth is and planed some boards by hand.

What’s New

Amazing wooden pipe organ desk.
– Paul’s coffee table compilation:

Coffee table compilation from Paul on Vimeo.

Poll of the Week

How do you feel about radial arm saws?


– Stew suggests CSHardware.com as a hardware resource after hearing our discussion in Wood Talk #123.

– Blair had some concerns about using acidic rust removal solutions discussed in Wood Talk #144.


– Mitch wants to know if there are ideal dovetails angles when using a dovetail jig.
– Tom wants our thoughts on using spokeshaves and rasps for sculpting workpieces.
– Matt is looking for better results when popping the grain with dye.
– Kenji wants advice for getting the best results with his drawer installations.
– Dell wants our thoughts on integral vs loose tenons.
– Aaron wants to know if there is a recommended thickness for a bench top when using a holdfast.

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4 replies on “WT147 – A Tenon is a Tenon”

Hey Vic!
I thought someone might mention that. Yes I do work normally with full respiration, hearing protection, and a face mask when I’m using power carving tools. Just took it off for the video. In fact the videographer was wearing it. I ended up getting a commission for 2 more copies of this table over the summer. Even with respiration I feel like I’m getting an allergic reaction to the black walnut after countless hours of power sculpting. I used to actually like the smell.

Thanks for the mention wood talk.

P.S. I promise I have more lights in my shop than depicted.

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