WT151 – Shannon Splits a Log

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On today’s show, we’re talking about the Golden Ratio, the router plane vs the shoulder plane for tenon cheeks, and mobile bases.



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What’s on the Bench

Marc is doing research on his upcoming humidor project.

What’s New

– Did you catch the woodworking scene in the series finale of Breaking Bad?
Dust protection without bulky protectors.
– Shannon will be on Wood Chat this Wednesday at 10pm Eastern.
Amazing furniture by Joseph Walsh.
– The Bump Family (originally posted on Doug Stowe’s site)

Poll of the Week

What do you think about biscuit joints?


– Allen shared a link to an article about corrugated planes after hearing Wood Talk #150.
– Brian heard about a paid mentorship program called PivotPlanet and wants our thoughts on this type of program for woodworkers. He did find one woodworker in the directory.
– Stan has a tip for those tight boiled linseed oil lids involving teflon tape.


– Kenji wants our thoughts on the Golden Ratio. Marc suggested he check out George Walker’s blog and the new book from Walker and Tolpin called By Hand & Eye. We also reviewed Walker’s DVD: Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design.
– Jim has a question about plane preference when cleaning up tenons, as discussed in Wood Talk #137.
– David has a question about after-market mobile bases.

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4 replies on “WT151 – Shannon Splits a Log”

For the record, I live in Phoenix, too, and the dust protector shirt is not that hot! Also, I have a prewar #5 1/2 Bailey plane with a corrugated sole that I love to use. I’m building a side table right now where the outside of the legs are faceted, and this plane just worked great going over the hard maple for getting the facets nice and true. Thanks!

Regarding corrugated planes, I see them more on longer planes and always thought corrugations were used so it would be easier to flatten the bottom. It would take a long time to sand/grind a #7 if it was solid. Being corrugated, you only have to sand/grind about half of the surface area.

Hey guys, I wanted to mention something about the Handtool Olympics at WIA. 2 years ago one of my WIA highlights, besides meeting Matt and Shannon, was watchning Rob Cosman at the Handtool Olympics.

To level the playing field a little, they gave Rob a sharpened screwdriver and a hacksaw to use for making his dovetails instead of the nicer tools they had on hand. While having a conversation and taunting other competitors who where there (me and another guy)…. he managed to cut perfect dovetails in about 3 minutes with these crazy tools.

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