WT153 – Build Order

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On today’s show, we’re departing from our regular format and focusing on one specific topic: build order. Listener Sam wrote in and asked, “What method do each of you use to figure out build order?”

Each of us shares our personal thoughts on how we establish a build order for each project.

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2 replies on “WT153 – Build Order”

I know you guys are all having fun at WIA but I just wanted to say that this Woodtalk was extra special and not just because I was mentioned. 😀 I’m starting a new project and was starting to think about build order so timing was perfect.

A couple of thoughts on cut list/parts lists. I use these to shop for my lumber, do lay out, cut my parts to rough size and help me put together my build “outline”. I also use it label my parts A, B, C, etc. This helps me keep track of what I’ve done and haven’t (checking them off as I go). But no pre-cutting the parts from the lists.

Thanks for the focused topic. What a great idea!

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