WT154 – Woodworking in America 2013

A special edition of Wood Talk recorded at Woodworking in America 2013 in Covington, KY. Making this recording even more special is the fact that it was the first time all three of us were in the same place at the same time.

This episode is focused solely on our experiences at Woodworking in America including our favorite classes, cool products on the vendor floor, and a recap of our meetup that took place on Saturday at the Keystone Bar & Grill. Special thanks to everyone who showed up for the meetup!

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Hey guys, this was a great post show. I will admit that I was nervous meeting you guys, but when I walked in the room at Keystone Bar & Grill. My first to meet was Matt I felt very comfortable. It was great that you all took time to talk with all your fans. I’m looking forward to attending again next year.

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