WT156 – Science is Sexy!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about freezing water stone baths, going hand or power for your first dovetails, narrow mortises with a chisel, underpowered bandsaws, table saw blade slippage, difference between dovetails saws, and differences between epoxy types.

What’s on the bench?

Marc is flattening veneer and working hard on the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer event. Matt is planning on doing a side by side test involving his helical head planer. Shannon is knocking out a bunch of small projects.

What’s New?

American Woodworker Magazine (1989-1999)
Lumber deal in Atlanta with huge veneer inventory!

Poll of the Week

Would you cut a complex joint if no one could see it?


– Craig has some feedback on the “break-in period” for diamond stones discussed in Wood Talk #152.


– Treharne would like to lower the freezing point of his water stone bath.


– Tyler is cutting is first dovetails and wants to hear our thoughts on going hand vs power.
– Wade is having trouble making narrow mortises with his chisel.
– Kenji wonders if 1/2HP is too underpowered for a bandsaw.
– Jim’s tablesaw blade is slipping on the arbor.
– Matthew is confused by the various types of dovetail saws available.
– Steve is pondering the differences between epoxy types.

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7 replies on “WT156 – Science is Sexy!”

Another entertaining episode.

Interesting discussion surrounding DMT. I also have sent DMT a question concerning a problem with one of their products. Never got a response. I’m now convinced that they are one of those companies that don’t really care about customer support, and their e-mail inbox must go directly to the trash bin.

Thanks to Shannon for his comments about cleaning sharpening stones. I have a couple of carborundum sharpening stones which didn’t work too well.

Tonight, I cleaned them and flattened them, and was able to repair a damaged chisel and resharpen it in an hour, withiut a grinding wheel.

Some people might think that is too long, but I find it relaxing.

Best podcast on Woodworking.


DMT has a YouTube video on cleaning their diamond stones. They suggest using a household cleanser like Ajax, Comet, or Zud with a wire or nylon scrub brush.

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