WT157 – Beat Your Bag!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about Festool MFT in place of the table saw, clamp times, purchasing a chisel set, dealing with a cupped table top, denatured alcohol and food-safe shellac, and keeping the upper bag of a dust collector caked with dust, on purpose?


What’s on the Bench

Marc’s trying to figure out what to do with all of his books. He’s also working with veneer for the Humidor project. Matt is enjoying how well a card scraper works on a hardwood like maple. Shannon thought he was having heart trouble but it turns out he’s just a wimp. He’s also taking on some upcoming “real” teaching engagements.

What’s New

Booze, Star Wars, and Woodworking!

– “The Ox – Portrait of a Master Woodworker”

– Laser Cut Folding Furniture

– Crazy Canadian’s homemade lathe

Poll of the Week

Are You Making Holiday Gifts This Year?


– Matt S. – I heard your latest testimonial on your levels of laziness…Hallelujah! In the process Marc, you mentioned your drum stander, which made me wonder, where on the continuum of tools from “must have” to “no way in hell” does a drum sander fits for the hobbyist?Love to hear your thoughts.

– Bob “Wooden Shoe” – Not so much kick back as some comments on the water freezing and care and use of DMT stones. You -can use a heating pad to keep the water from freezing. When I used to lager beer in my garage in the winter I used one to keep the beer around 40 F. I had it tied into a line voltage thermostat with a light bulb so I knew it was working. An aquarium heater may work as well. A few days ago I sought your advice on a DMT used for lapping and rough work. Based on Matt’s most excellent advice I purchased a 10″ course / extra course stone. The instructions say there is a break in period where the stone will seem rougher at first. My stone has not lost its virginity yet so I will watch for this as well as take Shannon’s advice to keep it clean.

– Stan – He should either get a good small thick walled Styrofoam cooler or get some rigid insulation and make an insulated box to store them in overnight. We don’t get to -22 in CT but it is not uncommon to get 5-10 degrees below zero. When our inside shut-off valve for an outside faucet failed to seal completely I protected the outside faucet from freezing by covering it with one of those crappy little 1/4″ thick wall covers and it worked!

– Daron – Each month when I get a new wood magazine in the mail, I take a snapshot of the cover and contents page in Evernote. All the text in the pictures becomes searchable for future reference. I suppose you could bite the bullet and do that to all the old ones you have laying around too. Cheers guys. Keep up the great podcast.


Roberto has a question about hold-downs for the table saw.
Rich is wondering if it would be worth the effort to recover some mahogany from an old boat.


– Matt wants to know if a Festool MFT with a track saw can substitute for a tablesaw.
– Timbot is wondering how long you should leave clamps on a glue up.
– Randall is looking for a recommendations on a good chisel set.
– Allan’s table top bowed a bit and he is looking for advice.
– Matt is concerned about using denatured alcohol in a food-safe shellac finish.
– Norm wants to know if it’s true that your dust collector is actually more efficient if you let the top bag cake with dust.

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4 replies on “WT157 – Beat Your Bag!”

Good show guys. Speaking of Audiobooks, I have been a customer for several years. One of my favorite ones I like to listen to is “The Shadow” You young guys may not remember, but it’s fun to hear the corny lines they say and some of the old commercials of “Blue Coal” this must have been a popular products back in the 30’s and 40’s? Each show is 30 minutes long. I normally listen while trying to go to sleep at night. Maybe it’s boring, but I really enjoy. I highly recommend Audiobooks to anyone.

I had the luck to see that AT-AT in person at the Vancouver mini-maker fair. Lots more brass added these days, but still some nice wood work in there.

I heard Shannon skepticism about needing to dilute SealCoat. My experience in Colorado, which in my area is exceptionally dry, I need to dilute it to something closer to a 1lb. cut (I know, I know, I should measure) or else the shellac dries faster than I can apply it. I wipe or brush it on and if I don’t dilute, it snags and pulls like crazy. I suspect this is less of an issue where Shannon and Matt live, but as Mark might attest, it’s so dry out here finishing with a fast drying finish is a whole different ball game.

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