WT158 – Dilute With DNA

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On today’s show, we’re talking about drifting table saw cuts, proper rasp use, old clogging chip breakers, prepping a bandsaw for a move, proper dust mask usage, and is sanding necessary for hand tool users?


What’s on the Bench

Marc had a nice little BBQ release party for his new book. Matt is running behind on his bed project but a sub-assembly helped cheer him up. Shannon didn’t get much woodworking done this week because his wife fell down the steps.

What’s New

– “Ghost Solider” epic guitar build!

– Float Levitating Table

– Carving tool that does the thinking for you!

Follansbee’s thoughts on the Craft vs Art debate.


– Jonathan mentions a Tage Frid video showing the scraper half-blind dovetail technique Shannon mentioned in Wood Talk #157.
– Ross wants to share his reasons for diluting Bullseye Sealcoat (2lb cut) even further.
– Randall has some feedback on his previous email in Wood Talk #157 about his Wood River chisels.
– Brian reminds us that thicker table tops can still warp a table base, as discussed in Wood Talk #157.


– Paul “Bigbullets” wants to know why his workpieces are drifting toward the end of the cut at the tablesaw.
– Jake is wondering why Marc lets his rasp drag on the back stroke.
– Dusty is looking for advice on tuning up an old chip-breaker.
– John is moving his shop and wants advice on how to prep his bandsaw.
– Joe has a question about dust mask usage.
– Alan wants to know if sanding is truly necessary when using hand tools.

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Here’s a bit of trivial kickback that Matt might find useful at home:

In the movie “Sixteen Candles” the charater of Jake Ryan was played by Michael Schoeffling, who as an adult is reported to be a cutom furniture maker in PA. You might want to research this a little more for more detail

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