WT160 – Jonathan Wins Woodworking

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On today’s show, we’re talking about a cool-looking finish, table saw residue, monotonous woodworking, best practices at the table saw, plugging holes, clogging dust collectors, and planning your cuts strategically.


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What’s on the Bench

Mars is having fun rubbing out his finishes. Shannon is getting frustrated by homemade lathe maintenance.


– Derek is wondering if Minwax Wipe-on Poly is really a good bargain anymore.
– Sean suggests using styrene sheets to make matching curved templates.


– Dyami is looking for suggestions on a “cool” finish.
– The Med Tech Woodworker wants our thoughts on marks being transferred to the work at the tablesaw.
– Jonathan has been doing some monotonous woodworking lately and wants to commiserate.


– Mike wants our thoughts on best practices when using the table saw, in terms of when to shut down the tool.
– Jason needs some advice on plugs.
– Jim’s 2HP Harbor Freight dust collector is clogging up.
– David is trying to strategically plan his cuts for the best yield on future projects.

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7 replies on “WT160 – Jonathan Wins Woodworking”

A comment about redundant project. As you may have seen on FB, I have just completed a Santa/Snowman wood carving marathon prepping for a Christmas show. Here is project to where the redundant carving of the same thing started to wear on me. My original plan to carve all twelve of the largest Santas was halted after about 7 or so. I still had plenty of products to sell, but I’m being cautious to not burn myself out on this, because the fact that I sold out of my products and the added positive comments have really boosted my interest to keep going for other carvings and other possible shows. This also helped on my pocket book for the holidays and a chance to help pay for my trip to Seattle to visit my son and his family. Thanks for doing the show. Better drag Matt off the hockey ring.

Is Jonathan the chair guy on Twitter? I work for a circus and I’m always looking for craftspeople that know how to build for the demands of performance. Jonathan, if you read this, tweet me @mongohashammer.

Watco is available at Mendards (Big Box Store, mostly in the midwest) that may save you a few bucks. They run about $6 a can. It’s a very colorless finish.


Try Pratt & Lambert 38 thinned 50% with mineral spirits. it’s a soya oil based alkyd varnish, that’s pretty clear. It’s about as clear as you are going to get without switching to a waterborne finish.

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