WT170 – Crushed Walnuts

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On today’s show, Luis’ panels aren’t flat after glueup, Willie’s making wooden screws from dowels, Jacob has some workbench questions, Achille has a question about gluing laminations, Jack wants to know if Big Box store wood is really that bad, and Josh is trying to plane a large Apple slab.


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What’s on the Bench

– Marc is working on the Blacker House Chair details and it’s causing him to whine a little.
– Matt is making color samples for his new bed.
– Shannon made his best woodworking project yet: a chip clip!

Poll of the Week

What do you think about sharpening?

What’s New

Guy making stools with his feet!
A simple sculpture that you really don’t need that hopes to remind you not to buy things you really don’t need.


– Luis’s is having trouble keeping his panels flat after glueup.
– Willie is looking for recommendations on dowel sizes for wooden screws.
– Jacob has some workbench questions.
– Achille has a question about laminations and glues to use.
– Jack wants to know if Big Box store wood is really as bad as folks make it out to be.
– Josh is looking for advice on working with a very thick slab of wood.

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2 replies on “WT170 – Crushed Walnuts”

Ooh, this subject does make me Mad…
Yes, the bigbox lumber really is that bad. At least the stuff at my local bigbox is. Wet, green, warped, so full of knots and defects that if you tried to build a house with it, the thing would probably collapse. And the plywood warps like a pretzel before you even get it home.
It IS possible to find acceptable lumber there, but you have to do a massive excavation through the stacks to pick out the very few non-rejects. And then you have to restack everything again. An enormous amount of work.

Speaking of the warped plywood though, i was able to make use of some of it on occasion. Don’t call it warped; call it pre-stressed. No more sagging shelves — put the plywood down warped-side-up. Or worried about the ends of your HF 4’x8′ trailer sagging? Make the bed out of a sheet of bigbox warped plywood.

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