WT174 – Hand Tool Menagerie School

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On today’s show, Levi has some questions about plywood cases, Steve wants to plane dried glue, John wants the skinny on angled mortises, Chris wants our thoughts on the iBox jig, Chris with a C is considering cutting dovetails with a tenon saw, and Chris is trying to choose between a fret saw and a coping saw.


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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Shop furniture being critiqued and getting rid of that pesky snipe.
Shannon – Started shop cleaning and demolition.
Matt – Dueling thickness planers!

What’s New

The Anal Retentive Carpenter
Wood Whisperer Reddit Contest
Alternative Material for Vise Knobs
WIA Schedule Announced
– Mission Control Desk:

– Distressed Furniture:


– Jared, Dyami and many others wrote in to point out Marc missed one of the most important aspects of Hybrid Tablesaws as discussed in Wood Talk #173: that the trunions are mounted to the table, not the cabinet, making adjustments more difficult.
– Brandon explains some of the science behind cold temperature glueups.
– Nick and others wrote in to let us know what Brad Pitt has been up to in the furniture world.
– Matt has an alternative suggestion for an inexpensive disc sander.


– Levi is building plywood bookcases and has questions about dado depth and solid wood trim. Marc suggests he check out the One & Two Sheet Bookcase project.
– Steve wants to know if it’s ok to plane glue.
– John has some questions about angled mortises. Marc recommend this Jeff Miller article.


– Chris wants Marc’s thoughts on the Incra iBox jig.
– Chris with a C is considering cutting dovetails with a tenon saw.
– Chris is trying to choose between a fret saw and a coping saw.

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3 replies on “WT174 – Hand Tool Menagerie School”

In regards to depth of cut when working with plywood, 3/4″ specifically. I was taught it isn’t how deep you cut, it’s what you leave. Meaning cut your dado and leave 3/8″ of material. Not only does this address differing plywood thicknesses but adopting this practice mean your fixed shelves are always 3/4″ less than your desired final cabinet width. Makes math and planning easier.

I cheat, I listen to the new episodes every week, and work on getting caught up with all the other episodes the rest of the week. Only 50 left.

Hey did you notice that chris schwarz isn’t listed as one of the speakers for WIA? I wonder if he’s planning on doing anything this year?

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