WT175 – Lazy Woodworker

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On today’s show, Nik is having some finishing issues due to wood movement, Jens is considering a 15″ helical head planer, Miller wants to protect his milk paint finish, Toffer want some decking lumber, Drew wants to use his old drill press as a spindle sander, Jim is struggling to get a mirror finish on his chisels, and Matt is just plain boring.


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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Installed helical head on jointer.
Shannon – Doing some detail work.
Matt – Managed to destroy two sets of rails and stiles.

What’s New

– The Down to Earth Woodworker: Dado Depth Torture Test

– Kid Snippets – “Wood Shop Safety”

– Video on the creation of shop made retractable casters for power tools

– The Beltley Wood Shop!

Poll of the Week

What time of day do you like to do woodworking?


– Jay takes us to task for our advice last week on using a magnetic saw guide for cutting dovetails.


– Nik is having some issues with his finish and wood movement.


– Jens wants to know if some planers have more bells and whistles than others and if there’s a big difference between a Shelix cutter-head and the ones that come with the Grizzly G0453PX.
– Miller is looking for an outdoor-friendly finish for his milk paint project.
– Matt is pondering is bit options for his braces.
– Drew wants to know what speed to run his drill press at when using drum attachments.
– Jim is having through with cloudy surfaces when sharpening and can’t quite get that mirror polish.
– Toffer is pondering the use of deck boards for an upcoming table build.

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7 replies on “WT175 – Lazy Woodworker”

I have the Grizzly 15 in spiral cutter head planer and I love it. It is night and day different than strait knife planer blades. When I purchased it, I researched the difference between the grizzly carbides and the powermatic cutter head. The main difference I found was the angle that the carbide enters the wood, with the powermatic the carbide enters at a slight angle whereas the grizzly enters strait on. I have no experience with the powermatic but I can’t imagine there is much of an Improvement over the grizzly style. I get a glass smooth surface even over tough grain patterns.

Thanks for answering my questions about the helical heads on planers. Looks like I will be doing what my gut told me and getting the Grizzly 15″ with grizzly spiral cutter head.

Marc, I’m impressed you even pronounced my name correctly. That is a rarity.

Not really a ‘Kickback,’ but on the breadboard table finishing question, it seems like a situation that screams out for pre-finishing top and breadboard. He may have to do a little extra work once the breadboard is attached, but that should not be a major problem.

Great show, keep up the good work!

I have an HTC mobile base for the router table I built and the base is awesome. The adjustable frame that the table sits on seems very solid and I like that it supports the entire base of the table instead of bolting or screwing into just the corners.

And I just got an email from Woodcraft with the HTC PM1000 on sale.

Marc on your plainer if you get a nick on one of the blades do you have to change all the blades? Because the new one will have more metal than the other ones (from being worn) and theoretically leave a deeper cut.

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