WT178 – At Least You’re Not Dead!

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On today’s show, Brian can’t square up his table saw blade, Larry’s contemplating a combo blade for his saw, David’s considering modern sharpening for a classic plane, and a whole mess of voicemails from the Wood Talk community!

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Sending blades out for sharpening.
Shannon – Excited about class filling up. Excited about TwoWheelNeil’s #handjoinery effort.
Matt – Had fun at the Chicago Lie Nielsen hand tool event.

What’s New

Engineer and tinkerer Turnvater Janosch shows off his ingenious and mesmerizing clock.

Shelterwood Notebooks and BaronFig Notebooks, in case you’re into that.
Redwood burl poaching.
– Amazing engineering of the Capstan table:

Poll of the Week

Do you use block planes?


– Howard has some suggestions about Art Deco furniture: Judith Miller and Kent Townsend.
– Wayne thought this Chris Schwarz post was a good answer to why more folks don’t write about obscure furniture.


– Gene is finishing a veneered surface with linseed oil and wants to know if he should add anything else.
– Josh has some questions about web frame construction.
– Matt and Dan both have thoughts/questions on what to do when you have no shop.
– Peter is lookign forward to a WIA T shirt competition.
– Roberto has some belt sander issues that we can’t quite help him with.


– Brian is having trouble squaring up his table saw blade.
– Larry is contemplating his blade choices for his table saw.
– David is wondering how he should sharpen the blades in his old moulding planes.

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12 replies on “WT178 – At Least You’re Not Dead!”

I’d like to apologize to members of Nickleback and their fans, my comment around the 28 minute mark about selling out was purely the fault of a Patton Oswalt stand-up routine I listened to earlier in the day…I personally am happy to sell out if someone were to offer me an appropriate amount of money!

The comment…came from the troll side of me CHORTLE!

Happy Birthday Marc and Matt. Per the question the caller made about being without a shop sparked my interest. If I was in his shoes I would be planning my new new shop and using the time to do as what you said Marc, that is watch video and listen to podcast (like yours) to learn much as I can. One of my favorite woodworking methods is hand carving. I take my little tool bag and use my idle time to carve little santas and stuff like that. I carved while sitting on the beach in Florida last year and when I go on road trips for my job. That type of stuff keeps my interest level high.
Thanks for doing the show..

Happy B’day Marc! It is mine as well. While you became a woodworker, I followed my birth date and became an accountant! Guess who is having more fun today.

A few clarifications on the field notes. They are pocket-sized notebooks, about 4 X 6″ and have 48 pages. They are $10 for a 3 pack, so it is a good deal. They also sell nice high quality #2 pencils, great for the shop. I am sick of box-store pencils that are made of mdf with broken lead. These are real, solid cedar pencils with a high quality lead.

Also, I am the guy who hates voicemails, so thanks for the shout-out 🙂 Today’s callers were not that bad.

So sad you guys won’t be coming to Winston Salem, its only an hour-and-a-half away for me and was really hoping to have a get together. From everyone’s comments it sounded like a blast!

It’s been awhile since I listened to your podcast but I picked a good podcast to start listening again. I thought you guys were talking about me at Big Al’s Woodworking. Keep up the good work.

Hi guys,
great show!

Have just been listening to show 178 and was interested to hear your answers to the question about about the lack of a shop leading to depression.

The suggestion that finding an external shop in which to get your “fix” is a very good one.

Here in Australia we have an organisation called the “Australian Men’s Shed Association” (“shops” are called “sheds” down here in Oz) that was specifically set up to address Men’s health issues (both mental and physical) by providing them a space, and tools, in which to work on projects of their own choosing, within an understanding environment.

The sheds are supported by grants from the federal government, and resources provided by various mental health and other organisations.

Perhaps it’s time to promote this idea in the US?

Linky Links:
AMSA at Wikipedia
Men’s Sheds at Wikipedia
AMSA Website

I have no affiliation with AMSA, nor do I belong to a “shed”, just think it’s a great idea.

Chris in Adelaide.

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