WT179 – Junk in Matt’s Trunk

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On today’s show, we’re talking about John’s vice slippage, whether it’s necessary to have both a router table and a shaper, Elliot’s shop upgrade, tension wood, and Dave’s hand plane technique.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Prepping for Weekend with WOOD and the Morris Chair project.
Shannon – Watching oil dry and received a commission for a dining table.
Matt – Pre-finishing a project.

What’s New

– The World’s Largest Jenga Game:

– How to auto-tune a hand plane:

– A good explanation of bandsaw blade tension:

-Cardboard coffee table via CNC:

– Kyoto Joinery

Poll of the Week

Do you use your scraps for cooking?


– Bob has some thoughts on measuring blade angles.
– Jason suggests marquetry for those times when life gets in the way of woodworking. John Eifler saw plans. YouTube video showing how to make it.


– John is experiencing some slippage with his Veritas Twin Screw Vice.
– Is it necessary to own both a shaper and a router table?


– Elliot recently purchased a new house and has a nice big shop space. He wants to know if he should dive in and buy the big tools or ease into it slowly.
– Jamie is looking for more information on tension wood.
– Dave needs some assistance with his plane technique.

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20 replies on “WT179 – Junk in Matt’s Trunk”

First off, great show. keeps me entertained on the commute to work.

Wood Talk #179
Voicemail: Johns slippage problem.

Now we’re not entirely sure if said John was experiencing slippage in his vice because he was pounding out some mortises. Lets pretend thats the case. Heres a neat video with Roy Underhill’s take on this. Bench hooks. he went old school on these, as usual, I plan on zipping a couple through the band saw so i can get to mortising faster.


Thought it was relevant, probably isn’t. Enjoy



There’s something bugging me about the bandsaw tension video … that the manufacturer would install a spring that is so far off the recommended tension.

My feeling is that the spring in the scale he is using will extend under load more than a bandsaw blade will stretch under the same load … so shouldn’t the tension he is measuring at the manufacturers marks using the scale be less than the tension the spring will provide when adjusted to the same position with a blade installed instead, because of the extension in the scale. Am I missing something in his setup? Does anyone else think that he may now have his blade over-tensioned?

23 hours into the future. Still not understanding Matt’s stamp collecting metaphor. Fast forwarding . . .

I have no idea what a JENGA game is, but i loved that video. Also loved the ending with those four dejected looking Cats sitting around their stack.

Now about spray-painting on the lawn, try spraying green paint. Then at least you’ll have a green lawn. That’s what Microsoft did back a few years ago at the Win95 ship event. Must’ve been back in 1995, i guess? The front lawn wasn’t green enough (due to Charles Simonyi landing his helicopter on it all the time or something), so they spray-painted the lawn green for the event.

Given my recent issues with my grass and irrigation and an insane number of squirrels tearing it up looking for their nuts (pun kind of intended)…spraying green all over the ground might be a better option.

I bet my neighbors would appreciate the attempt to look at least a little better.

In regards to the setting up of a shop space, I think that the podcast was mostly correct. Shannon’s points of not knowing if you’ll be that into it are good, as was Marc and Matt’s of building your collection as you need it, the right tool for the right new aspect of the craft.

However, the specific item mentioned was a dust collector. If you believe you will be interested enough in the craft to begin your journey, there are a few staples that no matter what direction you go will still be useful. A large dust collector is definitely one. Unless Elliot goes full neanderthal further than even Shannon and eschews the planer, keeping your lungs clear with a powerful competent DC is an excellent idea.

What other safety equipment would you not want to have to upgrade?

Great show, as always! I’m a little confused about the Ridgid oscillating spindle/belt sander. Is it the EB4424 that we’re talking about? I’ve read/heard it’s been out of production for a while so I assumed the caller this episode I assumed the caller bought his used. But when I searched for “Ridgid oscillating sander” I found 3 in stock at a nearby Home Depot. Do I need to snatch one up before they’re all gone?

I honestly don’t know Rob. I heard from another person that they are actually still being made. But many folks, like us, were under the impression that they weren’t being made anymore. So I’d at least go check them out and see what’s up.

Anecdotally I’d say that Ridgid does not do a good job of keeping inventory up to date and keeping the catalogs current. I think the only place to by these things is Home Depot (could be wrong) and the inventory varies greatly from store to store. Its too bad, because generally speaking their machines get good reviews for the price point. But it just does not seem that woodworking machines are a real high priority for them.

Interesting band saw blade tensioning video. I don’t use my band saw enough to warrant the time to get the blade tensioned properly. Basically, if my blade starts to wander too much, I give it more tension. But this is not the purpose for my post. Did anyone happen to notice the hinge on his apparent homemade box for the Dremel drill? Very cool. It is a two piece linkage hinge. Now I have to experiment with that design. Start watching around the 10:00 minute mark.

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