WT181 – Matt’s Burro Churro

On today’s show, we’re talking about HVLP, finishing in a messy garage, drying lumber, and green wood vs kiln dried.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Selecting wood and rough milling for the Morris Chair.
Shannon – SAPFM meeting and sketching up. Thinking about where to put furniture while it cures.
Matt – Visited a pop-up event for a new furniture business.

What’s New

A VW Beetle gets a wooden makeover!
Awesome wooden pistols.
– A miniature hand-made lathe:

– Brass Ball Drums:

Poll of the Week

How long do you leave your work in clamps?


– Tom gives us his thoughts on setup blocks.
– Gerald shares his experience with his neighbors axe swinging technique.
– Mike suggests using barber chair hardware for adjusting bench height, and idea he got from this video:

– Nathan has some information on why travertine is a terrible idea for ANY work surface.


– Jim is looking for a place to send his dad’s Diston saws for a little TLC. The boys got sidetracked talking about Bob R. leaving podcasting.


– Paul, Eric, Glen, and Greg all had questions concerning HVLP.
– Colin is having trouble keeping his garage clean enough for finishing.
– David and Daniel have questions about wood drying and air-dried lumber vs kiln-dried lumber.

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6 replies on “WT181 – Matt’s Burro Churro”


Just how could the guitar making video have guitar music when he isn’t done making the guitar yet?

On Shannon’s comments on stickering material, I have heard of some folks using Trex deck material cut into strips. It doesn’t warp, doesn’t stain, and will be here two years after the apocalypse.

I had good luck with Second Chance Saw works – http://www.secondchancesawworks.com/
I met Joe at the Hearne Hardwoods open house 2 years ago, and he had a selection of used, restored saws, had a sharpening station set up. The only drawback is that he uses a PO box to receive shipments, so you have to ship it USPS (UPS won’t ship to a PO box).
Sent him 2 saws, one that had a terrible snaggle-tooth mis-sharpening, and a second that was pretty beat up, and had a loose handle. He sharpened them both very well, and replaced a few saw nuts to tighten up the handles. I wouldn’t hesitate to send him more saws.
—–wade hutchison, working wood in Milton, PA

The video for the Brass Ball Drums is worth your watch.

The guy finishes his last cabinet, then is making drums from now on in his ‘retirement’. He started making drums for his kid, experimented a lot, and is now just doing drums.

I like lots of the Texas Country Reporter videos, since it covers lots of eclectic subjects, it stays fascinating.

Yes, natural born Texan, currently transplanted in TN.

For HVLP, I am considering the Wagoner FLEXIO 890 or similar HVLP unit. The few reviews I have found seem good, and it seems to be considerably less $$wise than Earlex.

I get the feeling it may be more oriented to paint rather than ‘finishes’.


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