WT183 – Shannon Sparkles

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On today’s show, we’re talking about hand tool dust collection, steam bending kiln-dried wood, flattening a partial log slab, using molding planes on curved edges.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Just got back from Weekend with WOOD.
Shannon – Building a wall and prepping for PW webinar.
Matt – Disappeared into the woods.

What’s New

An article about air-drying lumber.
A touching story about a woodworker who helped a family during a difficult time by repurposing an un-used crib.

Poll of the Week

Do you build magazine projects?


– Robert and Mike both had thoughts on our recent discussion about online education getting in the way of actual woodworking.
– Brian thinks that magazines over-complicate project plans.
– Bradly has a tip for drilling small holes.


– Mike wants to know if you can steam bend kiln dried wood. Marc recommends he check out the following:
Danenberg Boatworks – Steam Bending
Rockler Bending Wood II – Steam Bending
Wood Bending Made Simple by Lon Schleining


– Joe is wondering how he can keep his shop clean from hand tool wood dust and chips.
– Josh has a partial log slab that he’s trying to mill flat and needs some advice.
– Aaron wants to know how to use a molding plane on a curved edge.

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3 replies on “WT183 – Shannon Sparkles”

Mark mentioned that woodworking programs on TV are ‘slim pickens’ (image of Slim Pickens riding an Atomic Bomb in the movie “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”).

I used to really enjoy the TV woodworking programs, but they have dried up on broadcast where I live too. I have started using web and CDs instead. My eclectic interests are fed by DVDs of Roy Underhill’s The Woodright’s Shop, listening to WoodTalkShow and checking out the Woodwhisperer site (and Guild) and Matt’s Basement Workshop. I enjoy Shannon’s programs, but it just isn’t in my budget. I have also starting really enjoying the YouTubes from JaysCustomCreations and Steve Ramsey’s channels. These give me enough of a ‘educational fix’.

My main issue is getting off the couch to go make sawdust!

Joe wants to keep his shop clean. We would all like too. I did notice that Mathias at Woodgears.ca mentioned that he does NOT remove shaving from his shop until spring, because in Canada he uses it as insulation on the floor for the winter! (At least in his old shop.)

My wife works in a horse barn, and in the office there is a lot of dust. To help sweep up the dust she uses a ‘sweeping compound’ to put on the floor and help eliminate much of the fine dust from being put into the air when the floor is swept. It has helped a lot. (Use a couple of cups per sweeping. From Tractor Supply or co-op locally, but it is basically a lightly oil infused clay – the oil attaches the light dust, and the clay is heavy enough to stay on the floor. Not enough oil to leave perceptible amounts on the floors.)

Great tip, Jack. Not only for the shop but for the horse barn. My wife also works with horses and the dust is insane.


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