WT184 – Baked Beans Recipe

This is clearly NOT a normal episode. In fact, we’re taking the week off. But instead of doing no show at all, I’m going to share with you my favorite recipe for baked beans. It’s an adaptation of a Steven Raichlen recipe and everyone I make it for raves about it. So let’s do it!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– 1 pound bacon
– 1 can black beans
– 1 can dark red kidney beans
– 3 cans baked beans or pork and beans
– 1 large sweet onion
– 1 red bell pepper,
– jalapeño peppers or a hot pepper of your choice (if you want extra heat)
– 1 green bell pepper
– 4 cloves garlic, minced
– 2 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce
– 1-1/2 cups light brown sugar
– 1/2 cup Dijon mustard
– 2 teaspoons liquid smoke (if you aren’t using a smoker or grill)
– Salt and pepper to taste (I never need it)

I make my beans in a cast iron pot but you can use a aluminum pan if you want to. Fry up the bacon and drain the fat. Drain the black and red beans and rinse off the goo. The baked beans don’t get rinsed at all. Dice up the peppers and onions and mince up the garlic if you’re using the fresh stuff. Now dump everything into your baking dish or pot, mix well and cook uncovered at 350F. It usually takes a good hour if not more, but you’re looking for the peppers to be nice and soft. For the smoker, just about any wood will do but I find oak to be pretty reliable.

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You cheated by using cans of baked beans. 🙂 Here’s a link for you to check out the next time you make them:

Yah had me at “A Pound of Bacon”

Ohh for Christopher Lilly,
from the Food Network… A brownish-yellow liquid made by capturing and condensing the vapors from burning wet wood chips (usually hickory). Liquid smoke is used to add a smoky quality to foods in an attempt to capture the flavor of wood-fire grilling. It’s typically found adjacent to barbecue sauces in the supermarket.

Read more at: http://www.foodterms.com/encyclopedia/liquid-smoke/index.html

This is more a recipe using canned baked beans than a baked beans recipe. Canned whole beans is fine, they are just presoaked. Canned cooked beans is another thing. I do make baked beans from scratch, soaking dried beans, pea or navy beans and making it according, somewhat, to the recipe on the bag of dried beans.

Call me a purest. This recipe is fine for “in the woods” but in the home one can do better.

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