WT189 – Grandma’s Got Big Needles

On today’s show, we’re talking about oil finish inhalation hazards, long miters with hand tools, and woodworking when your job moves you around the country.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Trying his hand at some upholstery.
Matt – Glazing windows and making clipboards.
Shannon – Still working on the shop renovation.

What’s New

– The Blowpipe Maker:

– Alex Harris turns a segmented bowl:

Table Topography

Poll of the Week

Have you ever built an outdoor project?


– Bill in Tampa chimes in on his experience with the Bostitch 23 gauge pinner.
– Kevin suggests his video on epoxy/wood shaving inlay:


– Ned is having some weird reactions after working with oil-based finishes. Marc recommends the 3M 6500 respirator.
– Jason is going to be tackling some long miters and needs to find a hand tool solution.
– David’s job requires him to move around a lot so he’s look for the most compact way to mill lumber. Shannon recommended this post.

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3 replies on “WT189 – Grandma’s Got Big Needles”

I believe The Teenage Woodworker was Andrew Fewsmith. I don’t think he does woodworking anymore. I’m still friends with him on FB. I believe he is studying videography. Still a great kid, young man now.

Just got the 3M 6500 respirator on Marc’s recommendation. The drop down feature is the bomb, don’t have to take off the whole thing when the phone rings, etc. On wearing a respirator, have you noticed when using Nexabond 2500 on a large area that it is REALLY irritating to the nose and throat. Maybe CA glues do that in general, I don’t know. But am using Nexabond more and more.

the bostich pin nailer seems to me has the same trigger set up as other guns, it look like the safety trigger would be much easier or quicker to pull, on my gun the safety trigger almost wraps past the main trigger, safest thing to do is be familiar with your equipment and treat it with respect, after all it is called a nail GUN

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