WT191 – The Chortle Shakes

On today’s show, we’re talking about ammonia fuming, pre-finishing rituals, plywood in the hand tool shop, and how flat is flat enough.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Finishing up the Morris Chair and visiting the Rough Cut show in Boston.
Matt – Floating on a boat.
Shannon – Having a design disagreement with a client.

What’s New

– Timelapse of Wood Cut Millimeter by Millimeter:

Layers of glass and wood mimic the ocean floor!

Bench that transforms into a table!

– Planing competition finals:

Poll of the Week

Do you name your projects?
What do you think of radial arm saws?


– Marty has some information about the pencil sharpening guy, David Rees’s upcoming show on National Geographic.
– Stan has an idea for capturing a panel as a shelf between legs using breadboards.
– Alex shares a story about an airforce pilot whose woodworking hobby yielded false positives on drug tests.
– Jim is quite happy with his Wilton 7″ woodworking vice.
– Wilbur has some thoughts on Shannon’s difficulty adjusting to power tools.


– Jeff is looking for ideas on knock-down spray booths. Marc recommends he check out this FWW article.


– Crickett has a question about ammonia fuming and our pre-finishing rituals.
– Texaswood is concerned about flatness and what’s flat enough.
– Allen is wondering about the use of plywood with hand tools.

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9 replies on “WT191 – The Chortle Shakes”

For the absurd of us, 0.000354331 inches thick is 9 microns if that is how thick they were able to get the shavings!

For reference:: According to the U.S. Treasury .0043 inches is the thickness of a dollar bill!

Ammonia Fuming: You cannot buy blueprinting ammonia anymore without a federal permit – Prints are made by ‘photocopy’ process now – I have worked for an architect for 33 years, I used to do real blueprints in the distant past – which may explain the missing Brain cells. The stuff would make you float out of the room. Very Bad Stuff.

Wow, Shannon “The Hepplewhite King of the mid-atlantic” Rogers is building an Ana White farmhouse table :). I might have an extra Kreg jig if you need it shannon.

Nice fun show guys, I agree with the comments made by Marc about the plane shavings, impressive but “mmyeah”… what would be more impressive is taking a cheap Walmart smoothing plane , BTW sold as a “general plane” for about £10 and tuning it until you get “angel wings” shavings. When I started out I read up about plane tuning and did just that. Although now I tend to use my fathers old wooden Jack and have it set to , as Shannon said “get the work done”.. great show, cheers. Martin, @cobwobbler on twitter. Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/mrvwspotter/featured

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