– Marc talks about his special secret project that he can’t talk about.
– Marc will be presenting at the Tulsa Woodworker’s event in Oklahoma.
– Cooler weather is settling in, and Matt is getting his shop setup for it.
– Matt attended a wood show in the Grand Rapids area and took a couple of seminars.
– Matt was also recognized by a listener!

Woodtalk Online show notes and episodes will now be available from both The Wood Whisperer and Matt’s Basement Workshop sites.
Also, Woodtalk Online will become the host of The Wood Whisperer Network, which will consist of 5 or 6 blogs for regular contributions.
If there are some articles missing, they should return shortly as things are being transitioned.

Voicemails / Emails:
Big Ben-
I was recently doing some research on dust collection and ran across a website by Bill Pentz. Bill makes a couple of points:
1) Very fine saw dust is a big health problem.
2) Just about any dust collection system sold to hobbyists is woefully inadequate at managing the dust.
Certainly Bill makes some good points, but I am looking for some second opinions. Buying a dust collector with a 5 HP motor and running 6″ duct to all my tools simply isn’t going to happen for many reasons. Are you familiar with Bill’s discussion? What are your thoughts?

Bill Pentz article

1) Do you guys prefer to use a table saw or a miter saw for making cross cuts? For long pieces, isn’t the miter saw easier?
2) In the days of cheap disposable furniture, do you guys experience a lot of sticker shock when quoting projects? Would you guys ever lower your standards, and use for example particle board, in order to get a sale?

I was at the tool show yesterday, and they were demonstrating the Festool TS55. The guy said that the Festool TS55 with the MFT (multi-function table) could replace the table saw in a shop. What are your thoughts? Could the TS55 replace the table saw?

You mentioned on one of your podcasts a website where you could get dimensions for furniture. I am trying to build some chairs, and I’m looking for the right height to build the chairs for the bar area that is 36″ above the floor. Could you give me the website again or let me know a way of determining the proper height for these things?

Furniture Design Standards

I just bought a wood smoker yesterday. I would like to use up some of the scrap wood in my basement, but I don’t know which woods are dangerous. I am wondering if you know a source for what woods are usable in a smoker and which ones I should stay away from. Scott also wrote in to clarify that he’s primarily looking for a resource that would tell which exotics may or may not be good for use in a smoker.

Barbecuesgalore.com Wood Chart

I have a question about finishing the inside of a chest. I made my son a toy box out of ash, and I used a wipe-on finish on the inside. Now my wife wants me to make her a box for her yarn (she’s a knitter), but I don’t want my wife’s yarn to have an odor of finish after being closed up in the box. If you guys have an idea of how to do that, it would be great. I am also going to be making a chest of drawers for my wife and I, and I don’t want that smell to be in our clothes. Do you guys usually finish the inside of your drawers, or do you just do the fronts?

Official Crap on Matt Day
Anonymous – Voicemail
Hey guys, good show. I just listened to the first episode. Matt, I’m going to say this as delicately as possible and please take this in a good way. Could you please cut the laughing down to about half of what you’re doing? Please. Love you guys.

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