We are trying a new format for this show, where we actually have a number of segments including News, Hot Deals, Around the Web, and more….

Status Report: Marc has a new column in Popular Woodworking Magazine and is currently working on an entertainment center. Matt is finishing up his series on a very cool bookcase.

Around the Web:
We review a great blog from Kari Hultman called The Village Carpenter.

Matt discusses a great blog entry he found over at the Highland Woodworking blog about removing and preventing rust on tools.

The Jointmaker Pro from Bridge City Tool Works is the latest tool to make waves in the woodworking community.
Our original blog post.

Hot Deals:
Irwin Quick Clamp deal from Rockler. You get four 6″ clamps, plus two 12″ and two 24″ clamp/spreaders. Plus, they’ve added a FREE heavy-duty cloth bag.

Epifanes Marine Varnish from Jamestown Distributors – $16.02/500ml

Bessey K-Bodies Clamp Blowout at Woodcraft. 24″ K-Body Clamp reg. $35.99 Sale $26.99, 40″ K-Body Clamp reg. $44.99 Sale $33.74

True Value Coupon – $5 coupon off $25 purchase

Ryobi buy one combo kit get a free Ryobi One Plus tool by mail in rebate from Home Depot.

Humidity and its effect on finishes. For reference:
http://www.minwax.com/how_to/faq/?Q=05 http://www.woodweb.com/knowledge_base/Humidity_and_Conversion.html

Tom’s Tip (from Tom’s Workbench): Waxing the sole of your plane.

Denis is having problems centering a guide bushing on his DeWalt router. And Jack wanted to know what block plane Matt recommend for trimming tenons.

Tom wanted some details on when its appropriate to pre-raise the grain.

if you have a question or comment, you can email us at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or leave us a message at 623-242-2450.

4 replies on “WT37”

Love the new format! You two got a lot of info packed into a nice tight show. I second your recommendation of the Village Carpenter. I think Kari puts out the slickest, information packed, amateur blog available. Then again, I’ve loved your site from the beginning, so what do I know:D

a suggestion on the Ryobi “free tool” offer. I took advantage of this at the store rather than online. If you do it online you must go through the typical hoops of filling out rebate forms, cutting out UPCs, etc. And Home Depot seems to have a tendency for messing with your trust when it comes to rebates.

Go in the store. I picked up the $159 Super Combo, which includes drill, circ saw, recip saw, flashlight, two NiCad batteries and charger.

For my free tool I got the additional lithium battery and advanced charger, which normally sells for $119 by itself.

If your HD is like mine chances are good the employees there will have no idea what tools are valid for the “free” offer. Bring a printout of the details on the website to avoid argument.

Pretty nice deal on moderately reasonable tools. If you do it through the store, there’s no paperwork, nothing to fill out or wait for!

great video guys! like the new format. taking your advice Matt i looked for a super uber laser bushing centerer and couldn’t find one, lol! looking forward to the next show!

Hey, congrats, Marc on the regular column!! That is a great gig. You should be honored and proud. Look forward to reading it.

Well, I just finished episode 37. I really do like the idea of segments. It kind of pulls it together and keeps it moving smoothly. Great job. I really enjoyed listening.
Mind if I offer my two cents on the questions you had?

For the teenage woodworker, the problem of bushing alignment can only go away with a better router. I know itâ

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