This is the shortest episode of Wood Talk Online ever! Its actually just a quick announcement about our little summer break and I decided to answer a couple emails while I had the recording going. We will be back in September!

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Hey Marc,

I can give the listener (Jim?) the name of the dry lubricant I use on my table saw internal sliding parts is something I have bought at Lowes.

It is Dupont Teflon Dry Lubricant in a blue can. You spray it on and let it dry (a minute or two) before using it. No problem with dust creating a mess. My table saw had gotten so hard to raise the blade that I thought something was mechanically wrong with it. Actually, there was something wrong. It needed lube. This stuff really made a difference. It is easier to raise the blade than when it was brand new.

Jim Jones

On behalf of Harley:

On the question concerning spacing of deck boards.
In all the decks I’ve ever built, I’ve always placed the boards in as tight as I could get them. Once they dried out the gap is anywhere from 1/8″ and up. Helped a friend install his deck a few years ago and he insisted that we put them the width of a 16d nail apart, a couple of months later he had a 1/2″ gap in between some of the boards.
At the HD BORG where I work we all recommend the tight spacing of deck boards.

Great podcast. It’s a great way to escape to my shop (in my head) without shirking my responsibilities with my servers. Marc, I enjoyed your coverage of the IWF Atlanta show and your comments about hand tools.

Did you see or try the Shark Corp Japanese saws? I was very impressed with the hollow ground dozuki and purchased one. The interesting feature of the saw is that the blade is thinner at the center than at the teeth, making for almost no drag. Like the Blum booth, Shark was manned by the company’s owner and I received an wonderful lesson on the “right” way to handle a Japanese saw.

I’d love to hear more about handtools in future podcasts.

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