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Where have we been for nearly 2 months?!?!?! Marc gives a Gadget Station update and talks about the “project hump.” Matt announces that his next project will be a bedside table for Madison.

Around the Web:

Working Wood by Tom Fidgen
Upholstered Chair Project Video

Final Cut sawblades.
Amana’s In-Tech router bits with replaceable cutterheads.

Steel City introduces spiral head lunchbox planer.
Auriou rasps back in business!

Hot Deals:
Regular Catalog Price $239.97 E-Direct Special Offer $119.99

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IWF Review- DeWalt TrackSaw, Delta Unisaw, General International’s adjustable height bandsaw.
Intro to Spokeshaves – low-angle vs. standard – flat vs. round bottom

Tom’s Tip:
Keeping the shop clean.

6 replies on “WT41”

I recently did a review on the Final Cut on my site. Right now they only sell a 10″ blade, but they sell different sizes of abrasive disks.

I found that it worked really well for my line of work, which all takes place in the field. You shop guys might have a different take on it, because you have access to more shop tools.

I used the 12″ disks applied to a blade for my miter saw, and noticed a big difference in cut smoothness, but mostly noticed how well it removed the little burrs you seem to get when cross cutting oak. I tested it with 7-1/4 oak baseboard. It spent 3 weeks of production on a miter saw, with no signs of a problem.

I used the 10″ for the table saw to rip down some ceder. Right away I noticed less noise, and an easier cut. With the sand paper edge, the wood can’t bind the saw blade. Again a very smooth cut, and a bit safer. Though it does make more dust.

Over all, I liked it. And I am in no way paid by Final Cut 🙂

I would like to see what Marc thinks using it in a shop.

Hey Matt next you try swapping motors you could try changing the size of the pulleys. That would probably work if you could figure out what size you need. Claude

Just in theory, seems like there would be a greater chance of small cutoff kickback on TS with the added friction on the side of the blade on the final cut.

Good to hear you guys back on the podcast!

Another great source for building a guitar (acoustic) YouTube search: Steve’s guitar making. That’s where I learned how to build my guitars.

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