Status Report:
Marc has FINALLY finished the gadget station and plans on delivering it next week. While in the area, he is also going to have a visit with the one and only David Marks. Matt decided to rearrange his shop tools recently and is apparently going to start writing a new book entitled, “The Feng Shui Workshop”.

Around the Web:
Check out Keith Cruickshank’s awesome videos at Woodtreks.com
Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine have had a little facelift recently. FineWoodworking.com also seems to have had a few tweaks.

Don’t miss your chance to enter The Wood Talk Online Giveaway. Lee Valley provided us with two of their new Skew Rabbet Planes and next week we will select two lucky winners. Enter Here!

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Topics: Where we get our design inspiration. Marc recommend a Taunton Publication.

David has a good question concerning bandsaw blade width.

Tom’s Tip: Tired of using guesswork every time you set up your dado stack? Tom has some advice.


4 replies on “WT43”

Hey watch those Home Depot comments (LOL). We can’t help what color glue the chinaman on the night shift used. We get that stuff in big wrapped bundles and it’s anybodies guess what it’s made of.
It’s not the best plywood around, but it’s better than some of the other BORG’s are offering.
Besides, the HD BORG is paying for my tool addiction.

Hey Marc, I just wanted to say that I love the Gadget Station so far! I think it’s coming along great. There is a safer way to make that thin cut though using a push Block. We use these in our cabinet shop all the time. I’ll have to send you a diagram when i get a chance.
Great work so far!

Hey Marc, Just wanted to say that although you have the gadget station done, from what I have seen it looks great. I have some thoughts on using a push block for the thin cut you performed, but other than that everything looks great. As soon as i et a chance I’ll show you how we perform those thin cuts in teh cabinet shop with a simple designed block. Ok, well…cant wait to see the finished piece!
Keith Burtis

Hi Marc:

Thanks for the mention about my woodtreks.com video blog. Some of your viewers have dropped by and said hi to me. Very nice. I thought I’d just take a moment to pass back to you, that you’ve done a great job with buliding thewoodwhisperer. Your style is engaging, warm and accessible, it’s easy to see why you’ve attracted such a great bunch of woodworkers to your community. Keep up the great work. Warm Regards, Keith Cruickshank.

And PS, geez, I never thought my name sounded that cool, but thanks 🙂 I’ve spend my life living it down!

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