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Marc isn’t doing much woodworking right now, with his articles and preparation for his upcoming trip to the Atlanta Woodcraft store. Matt has been making a skateboard with his kids and is still reminiscing about the good times had at Woodworking in America.

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Owner of Sawstop demos the braking system with his own finger! Check out the video.

Two big releases from Lee Valley – Dovetail saw for $65 and Block planes for $180-$300 and no we don’t have those reversed.

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Matt’s experience at Woodworking in America.

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Protecting jigs from glue using clear packing tape. Visit Tom’s Workbench.

And don’t miss the live chat room questions!

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Marc, you a soooo right:


And you haven’t even had to deal with what parents of young ones have had to deal with:

Me (finding crying child): “what’s the matter, honey?”

Child: “Daddy, the kittiy scratched me!”

Me: “What did you do to it?”

Child: “I was trying to pet it!”

Me: “well, honey, that’s the way cats are. They look cute, but they can turn on you at any time. That’s why I like dogs.”

Around our place, we call cats “the vermin that eat the vermin”. We have a few out in the barn that do the only thing that cats are good for: killing mice. But I’d never put up with them near the house again. And the dogs see to it that they never come near the house.

Woodworking in America

While I shared some of Matt’s comments about WIA, I’d have to say I enjoyed it much more than I surmise he did. Just a couple of quick points:

WIA was a conference, not a class. By definition it’s more about talking and listening rather than doing. Were the hands on sessions too short – yes. Were they still valuable – absolutely! I got at least one or two great nuggets from each one I atended. I got some direct hands on help on grinding from Larry Williams of Clark & Williams. I got help with my paring technique from Adam Cheribini. It was great – but I didn’t have the expectation that this was going to result in the same level of value I get from a weekend class.

The sessions with the toolmakers were phenominal. Incredibile conversation and spirited discussion made for really interesting getherings. Where else could one have access to this? Most importantly, I’d like to make the point that I did not feel any of these makers did any “selling” (blatant or subliminal) while they were presenting. I felt Marc’s comments in the podcast insinuated that they did and that wasn’t the case. IMO, the toolmaker sessions were the best part of the conference.

Finally, I attended the “Pins vs Tails” session run by Roy Underhill and Frank Klausz. As Matt reported based on the third party comments, Roy and Frank were fantastic – incredibly entertaining. Frank did present his views on Pins first. He did present it as HIS way and he recommended we all try it. He also presented his feelings on other craftsman such as Ian Kirby and Toshio Odate. He has great respect for them and the differences in their approaches. Roy Underhill however, didn’t present a Tails first argument. I’m not sure why. So, this was less a case of Frank saying their is only one way to do dovetails and more a case of both sides of the argument not being presented. Nonetheless, it was a very enjoyable sessions. Frank and Roy together are great entertainers and educators.

More so than selling out in a few days, more so than selling a lot of handtools, WIA was an exchange of ideas amongst (relatively) like minded people. It was an opportunity one rarely gets and it was great.

Will it mature and improve? I think so, I hope so. I’m confident the folks at PopWood will insure that it does.


So I know this is years later but I wanted to chime in on one of the live chat question. SPF is indeed spruce pine or fir but I wanted to elaborate that it actually depends on what region your in on what kind of wood is typically sent to the home centers(for background I have worked both home center and am now at a saw mill). So for example most studs found in Colorado are Doug fir because they stand up to snow load better but yellow pine is typically found in the south east home centers.

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