Status Report:
Marc’s small entertainment center project was just published on FineWoodworking.com and spent the day playing with his hand planes. Matt is rediscovering why he HATES stains.

Around the Web:
Help out a great international cause: http://jdlohrwood.com.
Kari’s from The Village Carpenter made up a great list, “You Know You’re a Woodworker When…”

The Lumberjocks Winter Woodworking Awards

Hot Deals:
Peachtree Stocking Stuffers under $25.

The rest of the show was devoted to our Holiday Bash! We gave away great prizes from Charles Neil, Popular Woodworking, Lee Valley, Zem Hearing Protection, Hock and The Wood Whisperer. This part of the show went on for about an hour so I decided to cut it out of the audio recording. It was fun if you were there, but no so much if were not. We had about 90 people in the chat room for this event so apparently the lesson here is if you want people to show up, give some stuff away for free. Haha!

OH and by the way, I hit Record on the Ustream feed, so if you are interested in hearing nearly the entire show, and watching the video as well, you can do so below. Warning: You’ll have to excuse my less than family-appropriate shirt. I came in from the shop and totally forgot to change.

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It was a fun evening. The chat room was wild but I saw over 110 people viewing the live feed at one point. Made it kinda hard to even think about trying to win any of the cool schwag being handed out. That and the fact that I was also working in the shop at the time. 😉


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