Status Report:
Marc and Matt start off by trading stories about their 2008 holiday adventures.

Around the Web:
The HandyGuysPodcast – A great DIY podcast!
The Timber Kid – A new podcast from a very cool 15 year old in the UK.

Latest Woodwright Shop shows available online at PBS.org

Hot Deals:
Highland woodworking continuing free shipping on all orders over $100 within 48 contiguous states and excludes freight etc.

Highland woodworking is also offering 25% off all books in stock.

A quick review of tablesaw blade terminology.

A Big Announcement:
We are proud to announce that we will soon be working closely with Popular Woodworking to present you with an even better audio podcast experience. With Pop. WW’ing’s help, we’ll be able to bring you interviews, guests, and lots of special features. So this is a VERY cool thing! You can look forward to hearing some of this new content early in February.

And speaking of Popular Woodworking, the Schwarz t-shirts are in!! Check them out.

One of our voicemails was from Mack who asked how to create a live edge. Here’s a great video from Charles Neil that describes his process: Charles Neil

We finish up with a very special Tom’s Tip about using glass jars in the shop.

3 replies on “WT48”

OK Guys,

I gotta admit, I don’t at all get this adulation of Roy Underhill. Yea, he’s a very entertaining TV personality, but “Saint Roy”? What has he done to deserve, not just admiration, but downright worship?

The only work I’ve seen of his has been on “The Woodwright Shop” TV show. And whar I see is mostly crude, sloppily fabricated, pine “furniture”. I don’t get it(?) Surely, there are far, far better examples of hand-tool-only furniture.

In addition, I’ve heard from folks that have seen him “perform” in person that he goes off on “power tools are evil” tirades. How is this helpful? It probably helps fan the arrogance against users of power tools held by some in the hand tool community.

Some of the hand tool-only guys love to lambast Norm mercilessly, but the stuff Norm produces on his TV show turns out much nicer than what Roy makes on his, for the most part. I’m a results-oriented guy, and I really don’t care what work methods are used to produce something, or how virtuous someone may think those work methods are.

Let the flaming begin. 😉

Hey Barry. I never quite understood the St. Roy thing either. But that seems to be what people like calling him. I honestly can’t disagree with your points. I do, however, find his show incredibly entertaining. Like I said on WTO, I will never really DO anything I see on there. But I really enjoy the feel and mood of the show.

Hey Barry,

There’s no doubt how much I really love my handtools, and after seeing Roy at WIA I’m amazed at what he does. I’ll admit the sainthood is a little over the top though.

But I think I heard it so much at the conference, it was the only name that came to mind (seriously…I couldn’t remember the last name while we were talking about him!!)

There’s no doubt there’s a world of difference between Roy and Norm’s work. The uber crisp and clean lines and surfaces of the power tools is extrememly nice. But I’ve always been amazed at what early craftsman were capable of before there was even a plug to plug something into.

Still I can’t help but agree with Marc, Roy’s entertaining! And he’s a wealth of knowledge too.

Thanks for listening!!!

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