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Marc had some trouble hammering small nails, and accidentally sprayed a bunch of finish without the organic filters on his respirator. Marc also shows off his new Leigh Hold Down Clamps. Matt gives us a brief review of his new Wood River hand planes. Matt also had his first experience with high quality plywood, and will never go back to the stuff from the home stores.

Around the Web:
Sawmill Creek Collaborative Project

Lowe’s Creative Ideas Website – online projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced woodworkers. Step by step plans for building projects, includes cut lists, hardware lists and instructions.

iHandy iPhone App. $1.99

Roy Underhill opens up a woodworking school. Read Woodworking Magazine’s blog post here.

Hot Deals:
Woodcraft’s one day only sale February 28th.
Highland Woodworking Steel City Bandsaw $699.99, regularly $989.97 plus free shipping.

James wants to know if a tracksaw is as useful as a panel saw?

Tom’s Tip: Old finish for cheap!

Editor’s Tip: Rust erasers.

Acanthus Workshop Class Giveaway – Chuck Bender

A trivia contest for which the winner will receive their choice of weekend Fundamentals class at the Acanthus Workshop in East Coventry, PA. Choose from any of the weekend Fundamentals classes offered by the Acanthus Workshop during the dates and times specified on the website (Fundamentals 1 July 18 & 19, Fundamentals 2 Mar. 15-15 or Aug. 29 & 30, Fundamentals 3 Apr. 17-19 or Sept. 25-27). All materials for the class are included. Fundamentals 1 is a Saturday and Sunday skill driven class based solely on hand tools. Fundamentals 2 is a Saturday and Sunday class based entirely on power tools where the students make a small footstool. Fundamentals 3 is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday class which blends the two and the students make a one drawer Shaker stand. Popular Woodworking magazine will up to $200.00 in food and travel expenses. Anything beyond the $200.00 that Popular Woodworking is willing to supply is on the winner of the contest.

The contest will run until 5pm EDT on March 10th. The contest is open to anyone except employees and family members of the involved entities. Winner will be announced live on the next Wood Talk Online.

Email answers to: WoodTalkOnline@acanthus.com

Here are the trivia questions:

1. What city was Chris Schwarz in where he fainted during a woodworking demonstration?
2. In what city was Chris Schwarz when he had an expensive infill plane stolen right under his nose?
3. Where did Bob Lang go to High School?
4. Chris Schwarz has referred to Bob Lang’s taste in music as 60-70s rock and roll, but the only musical artist Bob has ever referred to in the blog is from a different genre and era. Name this musical artist.
5. Bob Lang has published 7 books, 5 of them about the Arts & Crafts period of the early 20th century. Name the other 2.
6. What industry did Marc Spagnuolo work in before becoming a professional woodworker?
7. What instrument does Marc Spagnuolo play?
8. What was the name of Marc Spagnuolo’s furniture business?
9. What piece of furniture did Glen Huey build, with help from his Father, when he was 13 years old?
10. What piece of furniture was the first to put Glen Huey on the cover of Popular Woodworking Magazine.
11. What is Matt Vanderlist’s day job?
12. What is the name of the German shop teacher Chuck Bender had in high school?
13. What other business did Chuck Bender have in addition to furniture making?
14. What special event in Chuck Bender’s sons life did Chuck blog about?
15. After ten years in what town did Chuck Bender move his shop to its current location?

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I saw a tip in a magazine for starting small nails. Cut the clamping end of a spring-loaded clothes pin to make it narrow enough to work with your nails and make a small notch where the two halves of the clothes pin come together to hold the nail at the angle you want.

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