Our Anniversary Show! 2 years! Time to take the show in a slightly different direction. We’ve been sponsored by one of the most popular knitting podcasts out there, Nuttin’ Wrong with Knittin’!

Toms Tip: Keeping splinters out of your yarn.

What’s on the Bench?
Marc is still plugging away on the Hall Frame, trying to balance building, filming, and photographing all at the same time! Matt is excited about a couple new tools he picked up from his Grandfather.

Around the Web:
ToolCritic.com Tools are classified by type and manufacturer, and for each category, 7 1/4 inch circular saws, for instance, there is a little mini article that tells you all about the saws. The user-generated reviews give honest assessments. Some tools get high praise, while others are flamed. And if you post five reviews, you get a free t-shirt.

10 free wooden bike plans from the folks at ToolCrib.com

What Marc got in the Mail:
A new buffing wheel for the 8″ grinder, a plastic drafting triangle, and a square template.

Frank- Essential Hand Tools? And what grade of tools?
Roberto – Making a bed. Sheet goods that won’t break under lots of stress.
Dean – Recommendation for big router in his new router table and a laminate trimmer.
David – Using plywood, how much sanding do you do?

Toms Tip:
Keeping your jigs straight by writing info on the jig itself.

Editor’s Tip:
Learning about wood for free. Check out The Wood Handbook and

Interview With Jim Tolpin:
After more than thirty years of working at woodworking for a living”¦and after having written a dozen books on the subject that have sold more than three-quarters of a million copies. Jim Tolpin is now teaching woodworking for a living at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. Check out Jim’s website!

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